Thursday, January 18, 2024

The Wes 30 Part 2

Coffee is ready, cards are nearby, and laptop is fired up. Let's get to some Cards Over Coffee. Hope you have your coffee brewed and in hand as well.

Today marks the final part of my 2023 Christmas mail days on this blog, I will catch up on other parts you won't see on here on Big Blue Cardboard. Hope you are following that or at least have it on your blog reading list or you will miss out!

Without further ado, let's get to the cards from Wes. Here are the Top 15 cards, excluding NY Giants ones from Kerry Collins, Charles Way and Rodney Hampton that you will have to read the other blog to see. Let's just say for each of those players, there are some big time RARITIES in there.

But, there is some wicked cool stuff here too. Let's check it out.

*takes a sip*
15. General Draven autograph. Signed by actor Alistair Petrie

14. American Idol relic of Anwar Robinson. Still hoping some day for a Carrie Underwood auto but these relics and autographs from American Idol are still pretty cool. My wife is a big fan of the show.

13. TI relic from Ant-Man and The Wasp!

12. I told you I like the Country Music relics, but I am blown away by the Autograph Silhouette versions. Really nice-looking cards. Would love to build this set.

11. Ego relic from Guardains Of The Galaxy. Ego is played by Kurt Russell.

10. My first Spiderman relics! Woooooo!! Great additions to my Marvel PC.

9. This card is really mesmerizing in person. I am not sure what others are in this set, but I may need to check it out. The card is lenticular and spectacular.

8. Indiana Jones 1/1 sketch! I was a big Indiana fan so this is a cool addition and my first card addition from the movie series.

7. Star Wars 1/1 Sketch!! (picture got deleted for some reason and didn't have time to upload again)

6. Aaron Judge Quad Relic. My only Judge relic.

5. I don't own too many NY Giants 1/1's in my collection so when I get one, I am amped!

4. Martin Sheen in-person or TTM autograph.

3. This is my very first one of these and it's beyond what I expected. 90's inserts at their best. Shiny, die cut, super cool. Easy choice for one of my favorite cards from this mail day.

2. Speaking of cool 90's inserts, falling at 1:44 were Total O. Very cool acetate card. I haven't seen one up close yet until now.

1. The legendary voice of CNN and Darth Vader, Mr. James Earl Jones. He has been on my autograph want list a long time.

And there you go. 

Thirty amazing cards. But there was at least another thirty in top notch NY Giants cards along with a ton of others that could have easily made these into a Top 100 list.

As always, a big thanks goes out to Wes. Cannot repeat thank you enough.

With the end of the Christmas mail days, I have some new ideas for Cards Over Coffee including some new segments, some returning ones and maybe the return of The Cards Over Coffee Hall Of Fame.

Hope you will have your coffee ready for the upcoming posts.

Have a great Thursday as well!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Very awesome stuff! My favorites would be that Spiderman relic or the Total O insert.

  2. Very cool stuff indeed! Extra points to whoever decided to make the Spider-Man relics his eyes...

  3. Amazing stuff, Wes! The #pancakeking strikes again! I'm totally jealous of your #1 card as I totally need an autograph of fellow Michigan alum James Earl Jones.

  4. What a great variety. Those are very nice. Having coffee at zero degrees is warming. Have a great Thursday! Coffee up?

  5. That Kemp card makes me want to watch highlights of him dunking on YouTube. Always was a fan of the rain man.


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