Monday, January 15, 2024

Finished Cup: 2021 Donruss Rookie Sweaters Single Relic

It's late, I am up watching what I am hoping will be an Eagles loss in their game vs the Bucs with a sore shoulder. So, since I am not sleeping yet, hopefully I can sleep with my shoulder, I thought I would put up a quick post on here to try and continue to catch up with Christmas mail days.

I am also doing this without coffee, it is late. That's the only reason. When have I ever posted Cards Over Coffee without coffee?

Today's mail day post helped me finish a set I have been chasing for two years thanks to the generosity of Twitter pal, @TyRecino.

Ty is always checking in with me on Twitter to see what some of my needs are for my Sweater sets chases. When he found out I was only three away from completing the 2021 single relic set, he said, it's completed now as he picked up the final three cards.

I waited until Christmas before I opened the package up, as I did with every package that arrived around that time.

Inside was a trade we did (I will be posting this on Big Blue Cardboard), an Eli Manning surprise and the final three cards were the set ones I needed.

First up, Justin Fields. He had an up and down season mixed in with some injuries.

Tylan Wallace who made that unforgettable overtime punt return touchdown against the Rams this season.

And Javonte Williams who seemed to had been lost in the Denver offense that used multiple running backs. I will never understand that Denver offense this year and why they benched Russell Wilson. I am a Wilson fan, I hope he can come back and play somewhere else next year and prove Denver wrong.

And that does it. Set complete. Now I need to tackle the dual relic set for 2021 that I don't own a single card of yet.

Thanks again to Ty for the help and the few other goodies he sent as well.

I hope everyone has a good night's sleep, hopefully I will to. I just took some ibuprofen. 

Maybe a new post tomorrow if I can find time as I have a cleaning at the dentists.

*Coffeeless Card Blogger Out*


  1. Nice cards. I'm glad to hear you finished the set. Hopefully the pain subsides and you can get some sleep. Coffee? Not yet!

  2. Congratulations on completing the set!

  3. That's always an awesome feeling, finishing a set. Thanks for sharing/showing them off. Good luck with the dual relics.

    1. Thanks oren! Maybe you will find some on your journeys!


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