Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Unfinished Cup: 2023 Donruss Rookie Sweaters

Coffee is really hot this morning, but I am ready anyways for a new post on Cards Over Coffee.

I will let the coffee cool down for now.

With each holiday season since 2020, Panini has released a second Donruss product and renamed it, Donruss Holiday. For the most part the football product is the same exact same product, the only big difference is each blaster comes with an Optic Red/Green parallel and a Rookie Sweater.

For some reason or another, probably my passion for the holidays, I became obsessed with the Rookie Sweaters and began trying to chase down the master set every year. 

The master set includes 42 regular swatches and 8 dual swatches.

With the way finances have been, I am off to a very slow start to the 2023 Rookie Sweater set.

Fortunately, I was sent a RAK on Twitter, can't find the name in my messages anymore, and got at least the set started.

Here is what I have so far,
Kendre Miller

Stetson Bennett

Josh Downs

And that's it. So, three down, thirty-nine more to go. Plus, the eight duals.

If any of you have any of these I am missing, please let me know. You can keep track of what I am looking for on a spreadsheet HERE. I don't expect a lot more adds to this, but you never know what I can pull off for trades.

Well, my coffee has cooled down finally and I can take a sip. I need to get breakfast ready and maybe start preparing the next post which will be the final Christmas post. You better be ready to see what Wes sent me in the Top 15.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Nice cards. I'm not familiar with these. Where do the sweaters come from? I tried looking at your spreadsheet but was denied access. If it was just for the sweater needs, I don't have any of those for sure. Coffee is good on this 4 above zero morning. I need a refill. Coffee up?

  2. When I see these holiday sweater cards... you're the first blogger I think of. I'd like to get one eventually... but if I'm gonna dish out cash, it'll have to be an athlete I really like.

    1. Plenty of them available for players and years. Maybe you will find one


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