Monday, September 7, 2020

Freshly Brewed:Avant A Shockey

*pours hot cup of Dunkin Donuts decaf, yep its my brew of choice today, sits down for a very short mail day post*

(side note, when I came up with today's post title, I could only relate back to Austin Powers with their word play of peoples names)

Thanks to a tip by Dennis @TooManyVerlanders, I was able to acquire a nice two card lot from someone I hadn't traded with before.
*takes the first few sips*

@flywheels does Affordable Group Breaks and nobody claimed the Giants (or a few other teams) in his break which means he ends up with anything pulled by those teams. Dennis mentioned to me that a Jeremy Shockey patch /25 was pulled in the break and I wasn't going to just let that slip by. So I contacted @flywheels and we worked out a trade faster than I am drinking this cup of coffee.

The mail day arrived a few short days later.

@flywheels also included the Shockey base card which looks spectacular.

And here was the big card in trade. You can see the stitching on the patch. Avant was a great looking set. I just wished Upper Deck, who holds the Fleer license, had more licenses to be able to produce great products like that.

A fast quick post and quick trade with @flywheels.

Now it's time to plan on breakfast,

(drooling over this already)

(lightly toasted, the only way to eat a bagel)

I think I am going with the fruit and veggie combo again today. Of course these blueberry bagels I grabbed from Price Chopper are not the best despite coming from their bakery section which is the only way I will buy bagels to eat. I won't eat the Thomas or Lender's versions as they just don't taste that great and I feel they tend to shrink in the toaster especially the ones from the freezer section.

So I try to stick with my local bakery ones, but this time was only able to get to Price Chopper so bought theirs instead. They aren't un-edible, just not as good as my local bakery ones. That's why when it comes to the Price Chopper ones, I like to hide them in cream cheese, especially the veggie cream cheese.

*takes a bite of bagel, chug of coffee and gets to finishing up this post*

It's a sunny, warm Labor Day. Hope everyone has a great day, hopefully off, and enjoys some cards over coffee.


  1. Something about the Avant cards has always appealed to me. In all sports. Congrats on the pickups!

  2. Kudos to Dennis for looking out!

  3. Glad the cards arrived safely and went to someone who’ll appreciate them.

  4. Oh cool, glad you were able to deal for those. That was a hell of a box--Paul (Scribbled Ink) grabbed the Lions and Pats and got the two other hits: jerseys of Joey Harrington and Tom Brady (and was nice enough to flip the Brady to me!).

    Colbey's breaks are affordable as advertised and he obviously pulls some very nice stuff too.

  5. Had iced coffee... but no bagels. I did spend some time in the office today... and opened a few packs. Sadly... the coffee was long gone by then.


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