Friday, September 4, 2020

$25 Well Spent?

*coffee is poured, sitting in front of the laptop with said cup of coffee for the newest post is required*

So a couple of weeks ago, I tweeted this out:

Here are a few of the responses I got,

And here is the story behind that picture....

*takes a sip*

About a month ago, a family friend contacted me via Facebook messenger and asked if I was interested in some cards. I was already at my boiling point with the hobby and not finding anything new to rip, so I said sure. Not that I wouldn't have said that anyways.

She sent that picture above through messenger and said her friend was the one selling them for their husband who was no longer collecting and just wanted to get rid of them. So I asked how much and she said, $25.

I responded, "that I would think it through". But, did I really think it through like I should have or at least made an offer? Of course not. I jumped on them like a person in the northeast jumps on anything pumpkin flavored when the first leaf changes color.

The mystery of what could be within and the simple fact I couldn't just see them be sold to someone else, I jumped on them and probably jumped on them too fast. FOMO is real people.

I had tweeted that photo out for fun long after I had already made the choice to buy them even though the cards didn't get to me until after that photo. After reading the responses, I was feeling pretty silly for my choice. I was just hoping I would have something to post today that would prove the critics wrong.

Will I though? Did I prove them worthy at least to myself disregarding what I had spent on them? Or do I feel even more stupid for not asking what others would have spent on the lot sooner? Only one way to find out....

*takes another sip and forgets that he should have looked for some pumpkin spice creamer for this mornings cup. Will jump on that later today*

The cards arrived as you would have expected,

Yup, in an old VCR box. I am probably one of the very few people who still have a VCR or admittedly three in their house that are still in use. I don't think that will surprise many of you who have known me for awhile.

The box appeared to had been sitting around in a barn/garage for awhile as there was some feathers and what appeared to be wet spots/stains on the bottom as well.
(it had me feeling like)
I opened the box and what appeared to me was the same picture I tweeted out and what I had already expected to see. Cards thrown around everywhere.
(time to stretch out before I start digging in)
The box started out interesting and promising,
I have never seen these Sunoco cards before and I have seen a lot of cards.

90's insert, alright! Sandy Alomar Jr wasn't too shabby either.

another 90's insert, this time basketball

another one for football

and another baseball

and racing

And these Skybox Premium base cards that I was trilled to see.

These were the kind of treasures I was hoping to uncover in here. With these years, this box was becoming very promising.

Then wasn't.

I hit a streak of 1991 Fleer.....1990 Topps.....1994 Score (that was bricked) and all baseball in this stretch. The cards that give you nightmares before bed at night.
(This box now had me feeling)
But then came a couple cards I haven't seen before,
An older Dale Jr (was hoping it was a rookie card, but it's not)

And an oddball Bo. I never mind adding a Bo Jackson and I think most of us wished we were as cool as him too.

Next came some hot rookie cards!
Neon Deion

Gary showing off the bling-bling

Victor Cruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuzzzz

Tatis!! What a find!!! Yesssssss!!!

And Bichette!

Two of the hottest players in baseball card collecting.

(you currently reading my joking sarcasm)
(me anyways)
I had to stand up to stretch again. As the said 700 or so cards was more like a couple thousand and the Score baseball was not much fun peeling apart and taking awhile to do so. It was causing both heart and butt ache.
(me standing up to stretch)
When I got back into the box I was greeted by this,
Shiny 90's insert of Carlos Beltran

(which had me feeling like this)
A stretch of luck ensued afterwards
A good run of 30 at least Gold Rush parallels from 1994 Score. No big names and I couldn't save them all from corners and being stuck but most were good. I always dig a well done gold foil card.

Some baseball player studs

Emmitt Smith


Some NY Giants PC power!

(was this box turning into a slam dunk?)
The stretch ended right soon after the Giants find as more 1991 Fleer baseball, 1993 and 1994 Score baseball, 1993 Upper Deck baseball made up the rest of the box. No big stars or rookies either. It was all base cards.

*takes a few more sips, thinks about breakfast and what to pair with this great cup of coffee this morning*

Overall, I probably hauled out a good 100 cards from the box and the rest I gave to my nephew who I am trying to get into sport card collecting. He currently collects Pokemon only, but has shown some interest in sport cards so I filled an empty chip box full of my dupes including all of these. Hopefully with that many cards I gave to him, it will help push him along to the sport side. Not all was junk either I passed along, so hoping he will take care of them as well.

It was a fun dig through that left me with a lot of roller coaster highs and lows. Was it $25 well spent? I will let you guys be the judge.

(This Bryan Clark card best sums up my feelings on this box)
(and this is the end of the post, peace out)


  1. I think you could have talked them down 5 or 10 bucks, but for the entertainment value (not to mention the larger than expected quantity of cards) I think you still did fine.

    Besides, you gave a bunch of the cards to your nephew, which counts as a good deed.

    1. I agree. I think they would have taken my talk down price but wished I had made it. My nephew was also quite surprised which made my day.

  2. My mom recently found a huge Rubbermaid tote full of cards at some place, and sent me a text with a picture that said "$15" "Interested?". After seeing that picture with all of the cards looking like they had just been dumped into the tote, I replied with an emphatic "NO!!!!!!!".

    1. Ouch. but, if it was for $10 it may have been fun to find a few cards or two

  3. A little better than I was expecting, but still I'd be annoyed spending $25 on that.

    1. yeah I know, I should have talked them down at least $5

  4. Well worth the Dollar I had suggested and probably reasonable for 25 since you got a stack that you wanted and a gift to your nephew and some entertainment!

    1. Yes, it took me a long time to dig through. Sort of like treasure hunting and the cards weren't as badly damaged as I anticipated.

  5. Based on your post, I'd say you got $25 worth... when you consider the entertainment value, 100 cards for your collection, and the fact that you were able to pass the rest along to your nephew.

    1. I am feeling better about this purchase after reading these comments

  6. Like NO, I was expecting a lot worse. You got a nice mix of sports and some decent inserts. Not bad at all.

    1. I didn't think so. They weren't terrible condition like you would expect either.


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