Thursday, September 24, 2020

All About The Photography

*computer is open, looks out the window above it and can see where the hard frost had left behind its white freeze on everything. Fall has officially fallen hard here. Nothing better to fight the chill off then a nice warm cup of coffee*

I am a little behind the 8-ball when it comes to posting the latest hottest products when they come out, but I have had somewhat success in acquiring them via retail.. All of my retail finds this year have come from trades with my father who will pick up extra packs when he can find them. He of course grabs a couple for himself as well.
As we all know, the Flipper Vultures lurk around every corner waiting to swoop in on any retail they can find and flip for three times its value. Gotta love them. And yes Sheldon Cooper, that is sarcasm.

*takes a sip, always glad to toss in a Big Bang Theory reference when applicable*

Today I will be breaking a "once upon a time" red hot product in Stadium Club baseball.  When this product came out it was all about hunting for Luis Robert for most. When I saw this product come out, it was all about the photography for me. Why else buy Stadium Club if you're not chasing the photography?
My father managed to find a couple value Packs of Stadium Club and traded one of them to me, while keeping the other for himself.

I wasn't expecting much out of the 12 cards, but was hoping for at least a good time and some great scenes of baseball.

*takes a sip, begins to rip*
Each value pack of 2020 Stadium Club baseball comes with 12 cards. That's it. No guarantees within and each pack is $5.98. Unless you buy from a flipper which will cost you three times that.

*takes another sip before looking at the very small stack of cards from the opened pack*

Once again I will say it, let's be honest that we all buy Stadium Club for the base card photography and there is 300 cards of it to collect.

Mike Soroka immediately jumps out at me with the great photo angle. I know a lot complained about this years design, but I like it. The photography pops with the design.
I will say though that the name not having capitalization does bother me some and my OCD.

Next card is of Juan Soto who is having a heck of a year and showing that maybe he is the best young talent in baseball.

Next two cards are of Joey Votto (dig the throwback uni) and Yu Darvish

Jose Altuve, Giancarlo Stanton and Joey Gallo make up the next three cards in the pack

Then came the rookies. No there wasn't a Robert but I think I did well still.

Kyle Lewis is having a good time and so aren't collectors with his rookie cards as he came out of nowhere this season. Easily should be American League Rookie Of The Year.

Gavin Lux who I have been holding onto waiting for him to explode. This is a fun photo choice for his rookie in Stadium Club. Sometimes the non action photographs are more fun then the ones with it.

We are 11 cards down in the pack with one more to go which happens to be a 1:3 pull of a red foil parallel. These are not numbered.

I am not sure what Dale is thinking here, probably wondering why they used this photo for his 2020 Stadium Club card.

Other parallels you can find in Stadium Club are, Red Foil, Black Foil, Sepia Black & White, Blue Foil /50, Rainbow Foilboard /25, First Day Issue, Members Only, Photographer’s Proof, and Gold Rainbow Foil 1/1.

*takes another sip before recapping this pack rip. Also thinking about breakfast since I hadn't eaten since early afternoon as I got busy*
For about $6 pulling two good rookie cards, a red foil and some excellent base cards I can't go wrong with a rip like that. I wonder if I will find anymore in the wild as I wouldn't mind opening another one.


  1. That Soroka is awesome! Love the Coke bottle at Pac Bell.

  2. at first, i didn't care for the lower case font then decided it was fine. i type like that often. easier when i'm in a hurry. lol.

    1. were you in a hurry on here then....or are you making a point by using all lower caps...or am i with this reply...

  3. *takes a sip, begins to rip*

    If you ever decide to open up a combination baseball card store and coffee shop, you can call it The Sip-N-Rip.

    1. That's great!! I have considered doing one and combining my love of coffee with it. And side treats of course to go with coffee

  4. I think that Votto is the best looking card I've seen from this year's offering.

    1. It caught my attention when I opened the pack


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