Saturday, January 9, 2021


*has a cup of coffee ready and even breakfast. It's time for a new Cards Over Coffee post*

Luck didn't fall my way like many others in 2020. 

Health problems, anxiety stress from my wife being a nurse and overall bad luck summed up my year. But, I kept pushing through and occasionally something nice actually happened.

To end out 2020, I got a message from Steel City Collectibles on Twitter that someone didn't claim their prize in their 12 Days Of Giveaways and that I came up as the re-drawn winner. Was quite the surprise way to end the year.

Yesterday, shipping is so slow especially to me right now, the prize pack arrived and I was happy to dig in.

*takes a sip before opening up the Panini bag of goodies*

Inside I am greeted by everything but the kitchen sink...or a cup of coffee and breakfast.

Wireless headphones, how handy are these right now to drown out the world.

When I actually find cards, this will be handy to open them up with.

Panini America Paper Weight. I like company collectibles to display.

Speaking of that, will definitely be wearing this around town. I may get stopped and asked what Panini is because nobody collects here. Just a bunch of flippers.

*takes a sip to breathe before going into a flipper rant again, breathe...breathe....sip...sip....I'm good*

Prestige Box Topper from 2014 Prestige.

Opened it up and found Sammy Watkins. I really like the nufex (Panini's version of Dufex) technology.

Also inside was 2 packs of 2020 Player Of The Day basketball and football promo cards. One of the football packs felt thicker so I saved football to open after basketball.

*takes a sip, begins to rip*

Pack 1. Each pack comes with 2 cards each.
Kobe Bryant base. I never mind adding a Kobe.

Joel Embid silver foil

Pack 2
Trae Young is a stud on the court

And Hatisse Thybulle. I don't know him but it works for my rookie card collection.

*takes another sip, begins to rip the football*

The Player Of The Day football comes with 2 cards per pack as well.

Pack 1:
Jake Fromm, unless something happens to Josh Allen or he gets traded, the NFL will never see what Fromm has to offer.

Wooooo doggy! Lamar Jackson Tango parallel numbered to 99. Great PC piece!

Pack 2 (the thick one)

Nick Bosa

Baker Mayfield Rainbow foil parallel\

And my hit....2020 hung on and couldn't let me have more than a filler card in this pack.

*takes final sip of cup number one, really exhausted today, this will be a two to three cup day*

That was an exciting prize pack and I send my gratitude to Steel City Collectibles for having me as the winner and thanks to the first winner for choosing not to accept the prize. I suggest you go give Steel City a follow both on Twitter and Facebook as they are always giving back.

Time to brew another cup of coffee and tackle my desk of cardspair.


  1. Congratulations on the nice bag of goodies. Nothing like a few packs to rip open.


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