Sunday, September 26, 2021


 *takes a sip, maybe 10, before sitting down to work on today's latest blog post. Time for some #CardsOverCoffee*

Today is a big day for NY Giants fans, other than a game against the Atlanta Falcons, the Giants are hosting a special halftime ceremony where Eli Manning will be inducted into the Giants' Ring of Honor and will have his No. 10 jersey retired. He will be the 43rd member of the Giants Ring Of Honor.

To celebrate my favorite QB in Giants history, I thought it would be fun to show off my Top 10 favorite Eli Manning cards.

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I have well over 600 Eli Manning cards in my collection, so narrowing down a Top 10 list was really tough because a favorite card doesn't have to be an autograph or a relic. It can simply be something that has meaning or eye appeal as you will see from a couple of the cards on today's list.

Let's kick it off!

10. This was given to me as a surprise gift from Wes. One of the coolest cards ever given to me as a gift.

9.I like the dull look in the back against the rainbow foiled Eli, simply brings the card out. I also landed this /25 gem for $30.

8.A nice looking patch against a solid card is always a winner for me.

7.The best pack pulled Eli Manning card I have ever gotten. I bought a box of 2004 Leaf Rookies and Stars and pulled it. Was really excited to had landed it and still am.

6. I have the Red Sage Hit rookie autograph as well, but this one my wife bought for me since I hadn't ever landed a rookie auto of Eli until then.

5.I pulled this card as well. Features 4 great QB's I was fortunate enough to watch.

4.Brotherly love. This is my only Eli and Peyton dual card of anything and its amazing. As soon as I saw someone post this for trade I had to have it. Panini Black is a great looking product to begin with so you top that off with patches like these, oooooh baby.

3.My first Eli Manning autograph was a stunner. This isn't Panini Black, but these Topps Five Star Silver Signatures look just as great.

2. This was the one rookie card, non autographed, that I wanted the most. It took me so many years to finally land it in a trade. This is just a fun Upper Deck flagship rookie that really shows off Eli's personality.

And now the #1 card.....
It has to be Super Bowl related. Eli always was in the shadow of Peyton and I think a lot forget that he won two Super Bowls, has two Super Bowl MVP's and is in the Top 10 all time in passing yards in NFL history among other records he set. Not to mention, his incredible playoff runs and record.

I try to land as many copies of this card as I can. This version I am showing off here is actually the ultra rare Topps Chrome refractor version that I have only ever seen one copy of.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*
Eli requested that the game on Sunday be a sea of #10 jerseys so I will be wearing mine from home. Hopefully it will bring some luck and give the Gmen a very needed first win of the season.

I also wanted to take a minute out to thank Eli Manning, I know he won't read or respond to this but wanted to throw it out there anyways, for everything. The memories, the leadership, what you do off the field for March Of Dimes and other organizations, your personality and of course the Super Bowl wins. No matter what anyone says to me, you are a Hall Of Famer in so many ways and I will defend that until the day I die.

Congrats on the Ring Of Honor, you have certainly earned it. I am only two years younger than you and the only Ring Of Honor I have earned is the coffee ring my cup leaves after I am done drinking it.

*takes another sip, took off the #10 jersey before doing it so I won't stain it before game time*

Leave me your thoughts on Eli Manning in comments. Do you see him as a Hall Of Famer? Have any favorite moments? Do you think I chose wisely on my list or would you have switched a few things around? Let me know!

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  1. It's hard to comment on someone else's Top 10 list... just because I don't have the other 590+ Eli's sitting in front of me to compare it to. I think my favorite from your list would be the Five Star Silver Signatures card... followed by the Stitches in Time memorabilia card.

    1. Yes, the stitches in time gets me excited as well.

  2. Relics aren't really my thing, but that Stitches in Time quad is rather fetching.

    1. You should see some of the others in that set, lots of legends together on a card and by legends I am talking about guys like Emmitt Smith not Cam Newton lol

  3. Great collection! I would say Eli would eventually make it in.

    1. I sure hope so, it's been earned. Especially after his last MNF appearance....haha


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