Thursday, September 30, 2021


*only 46 degrees this morning, the feeling of fall is turning more towards the worry of winter and this is only the last day of September. Just gotta hope the temperatures don't dip too much further*

I bet a lot of you when you saw my post yesterday were thinking, why didn't he mention that it was National Coffee Day? How can he be a #CardsOverCoffee blogger and not whisper a word about his National Holiday? Well, to be honest, I forgot it was yesterday until I found out later in the day.  By then, it was too late to save myself on here. However, I can say that I did celebrate it like I always do, by drinking coffee. I guess you can say it's probably National Coffee Day for me everyday.

*takes a sip*

I have poured my heart out on here about my passion of the Donruss Unleashed cards, now it's time to unleash my love for another insert that came out this year, Upper Deck's Dazzlers.

I hadn't seen these cards before, mostly because I don't buy or collect hockey normally, until blog reader Grady M sent me a few in my first mail day from him this year. They immediately made an impact on me and I was even more excited when I found a bunch more in my second mail day from him not too long ago.

The design is simple, a colored background with a firework design and player in the forefront that makes the player jump off the card. It's really sharp, especially when caught in the right lighting.

*takes another sip, trying to make up for lost time on here yesterday from not posting about National Coffee Day*

Upper Deck Dazzlers have four variations and different odds for each. Those offerings are Blue, Green, Orange and Pink.

The Blue falls 1:24 packs.

Orange falls 1:10 Fat Packs

And the Green falls 1:7 in Blaster boxes.

I have yet to see a pink version up close yet since they fall 1:144 packs, but I would say between these three, the blue stands out to me the most and not just because blue is my favorite color.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post. thinking some breakfast also sounds good*

I put all of these in a binder and they look stunning together. I hope to add to this collection and if any of you have some available for trade, let me know.

Thanks again to Grady for passing these along.

In comments, let me know how you celebrated National Coffee Day and your thoughts on these inserts and your favorite color of them.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. I didn't drink coffee yesterday... but I had a venti pumpkin cream cold brew this morning and it was hella delicious. Tasted like pumpkin pie.

    The Dazzlers look cool. My favorite color parallel is blue.

    1. Yeah, I enjoyed a pumpkin spice that day as well!

  2. I've been cutting back on my iced coffee the last couple of days so probably didn't have some on the Big Day. (I drink it black, those takeout iced coffee drinks are sugar bombs).

    Not much for late '90s-style hockey cards. The greens look fun.

    1. Usually I am not for hockey cards at all but these were appealing. I would have chased them regardless of sport.


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