Monday, November 28, 2022

Been Busy

*there is coffee in my mug again, takes a sip, gets ready for a new post*

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

And hopefully you had plenty of pie. Yes, there is a piece of my homemade apple pie underneath all of that creamy Cool Whip.

And next to this piece of pie is obviously some coffee. You can't have pie without coffee. It would be like having a peanut butter sandwich without the peanut butter.

*takes a sip*

Since taking a two-plus week off break I feel a bit more energized, and I am back to blogging on here again. 

Not that I didn't like my two-week vacation. I was able to tackle a lot of stuff I have been wanting to do. So, I may take some time off here and there and do it again.

One of my biggest projects I wanted to tackle was finally getting my Eli Manning collection added to TCDB. I don't use the website to its full potential with trading, threads, etc, but I do enjoy the player checklists and seeing where I rank with my collections.

Most of the collections I have added so far on there I am ranked #1 with, I will tackle that on here another day, but I knew ahead of time that my Eli collection wouldn't beat out the top guys.

Eli has a total of 11,431 cards so far. It appears that Panini will be adding more of him this year to that number. I have 885 of those cards (more on this in a second) which equals 7.7% complete.

These numbers put me in third place on TCDB for Eli Manning with a nice gap from the 4th place person.

Now back to my numbers.

Besides what TCDB says I have, there were also 22 unaccounted cards I couldn't add to the website. These cards are ones that are not listed on the site and others that I have duplicates of that have a different numbering. For example, a card numbered 22/100 and a card numbered 57/100. I count these as two different cards because it's two different numberings. I couldn't figure out how to double up the cards on there but I would rather keep it the way it is anyways. 

So, if you add 885 plus 22 that brings me to 907 Eli Mannings. This finally brings me over the 900 threshold and the countdown to 1,000 begins.

That's something to celebrate......with some more coffee.

*finishes up final sip in cup, brews the next cup and gets ready to finish up today's post*

Just wanted to thank you all for coming and reading today's post.

I want to know your favorite Thanksgiving pie in comments along with your biggest collection on TCDB and your ranking for that player.

Have a great Monday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Glad to see you're putting in some time to track your collections there! It's really made a big difference for me. Very cool that you're so high up in terms of Eli's collectors too. If you ever want to add duplicate cards with different serial numbers, click the little down arrow near the check box and do a "Detailed Add" which lets you enter additional info like SN, comments, and more (that's what I used to do when I had manufactured letter cards and the site didn't have one card per letter). Also, I'll be happy to try to get your unlisted cards added to the DB if we can find checklists for the sets they come from.

  2. I've been going through some cards that have been sitting in a tote for I'm not sure how long. I've been putting them into my FS/FT list on TCDB. Maybe it will help get me the last 80 or so I need for my 2019 Topps Heritage set build. Now, to get another cup!

    1. It's always fun digging back through cards you forgot about. Hmm...may have come up with a new segment because of this

  3. I've grown to enjoy a good pecan pie over the years. I'm currently #1 for Luis Severino, but I'm more proud of my #7 ranking with Don Mattingly.

    1. I really need to try Pecan Pie one of these days. Sounds good.

  4. Don't know if I have a favorite Thanksgiving pie, they're all good. Well, maybe not mincemeat, but I had that when I was like 9, so what did I know? ... My largest player collection on TCDB is Kershaw. I just dropped into 6th place.

  5. It’s gotta be pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, but I won’t turn down Banana Cream anytime. And I’m proud to be the #1 Magglio Ordonez collector on TCDB!

    1. Love me some Banana Cream!

      And awesome! It's great to be at the top but having to stay up there can be tough. I check my top ones every day to make sure haha

  6. some time ago I decided I could bake. I'm married, and my wife cooks, that's the way we divide the chores, not uncommon. I take out the trash, and bring home the bacon. She's not a great cook. But she tries hard. Maybe not. She gets the job done. My mother in law is a great cook. the lessons did not sink in. So I started with chocolate chip cookies, and then carrot cake. Then I decided to make pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. All fairly successful. And then, one day, I saw a recipe for Bourbon Chocolate Pecan pie in the newspaper.

    Remember newspapers? It was once a thing. I had the paper delivered until about 2000. I'd read everything but the want ads and classifieds. Start with the hard news in the first section, then on to the local, then the sports, then the business, and finally the rest of it. My friends mostly gave up paper delivery by 1995, but I held on. What got me was $1 a week. I was paying $3 a week, and they sent out a notice that the price was going up to $6 a week. I said "no" cancel me. They didn't cancel me, instead they said, ok, we'll do it for $5 a week. I said "no" and they said ok, we'll do it for $4 a week. I said "no" and they said that's the best we can do, so if you refuse you owe use for 2 months of $6 a week, that we have been delivering during this negotiation. I said F you, I will pay you $0 for these 2 months. I did not ask for a rate increase. I'll switch to getting my news from the WWW, as all my friends do. I had been getting delivery for 20 years, and they rewarded my loyalty by sending my account to a collection agency for the 8 weeks x $6 that I refused to pay. And that is when I swore: I will never read that paper again. I will never give them 25 cents M-S and $3 on Sunday. It's the principle.

    But back to pie. I made Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie for Thanksgiving, and it was a hit with all that tasted it. My kids called it boozy pie. I called it yummy. I liked it best of all. Where has this pie been all my life. I typically made 2 pies, one with more Bourbon, and one with less bourbon. To me, more is more. And that, I am quite confident, is the best Thanksgiving Pie. Drop the mic.

    [abide on TCDB]

  7. A. I'm a big fan of pies... so I'd be willing to eat just about any fruit filling pie on Thanksgiving that's in front of me. But in the spirit of the holiday, I'll go ahead and pick pumpkin as my favorite. My friend's mom makes this super delicious one with a gram cracker crust.

    B. The only collection I have listed on TCDB is my Steve Largent collection.

    C. I'm (surprisingly still) ranked #1, but it's a very slim lead (two cards).


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