Friday, November 11, 2022

Need A Refill

*sits down next to an empty cup of coffee, it's time for some Cards over.....*

Every morning, I start it out by weighing myself, taking a picture of the sunrise if it's epic and having a cup of coffee. It's the same routine every morning.

My other morning routines are running errands, cleaning up the house and appointments and whatever else may pop up. My time is usually very limited but sometimes in that gap I find time to sit down here and ramble on about sport cards and have some coffee.

In the past month or so, I haven't felt like rambling on about sport cards on here or blogging anywhere in general. I am in the same boat where a lot of sport card bloggers right now in not having motivation to blog or the creativity to do so. I guess after doing this for almost 11 years, it gets tiring and feels repetitive. 

*stares at empty mug*

The last couple of years, especially in the last year, I have had to make a ton of adjustments to my collecting. Rising prices, lack of sponsors, lack of traders, also running out of trade bait (what very little trade bait I have left I am not giving up for just anything) has had me changing every aspect of how I enjoy collecting and now that is changing how I spend my time collecting.

Blogging is taking a hit from that as I am finding my time being spent in other aspects of collecting instead. Hence, the lack of posts on here.

That's why I am telling you in advance that Sport Card Collectors will officially be ending at years end, not sure on Big Blue Cardboard and Cards Over Coffee....well...that's up in the air.

I don't want to call it over for me with blogging or blogging on here, so I will leave it with needing a refill. I need a fresh cup and maybe even a fresh start.

*mug is still empty*

I thought before I close today's post, that I would show off a couple of recent mail days. I haven't had many mail days of recent, but these are a couple of really solid ones.

First one came from blog reader Oren.
Oren always sends the good stuff with tackling every aspect of my collecting. This one was a set needs.

Will Allen numbrered rookie card.

90's insert from Goudey with an impossible last name to say 5 times fast.

Piazza insert.

I had Bieber fever...not really, probably a real fever for having this card on my want list for many years. But, now I have it.

I will admit I used to listen to a few Ford songs. I don't feel ashamed about doing so.

He also sent along with pack. Something I had never opened before.

Just like the wrapper says, it's Fantasy artwork. Kind of unique to own a few cards of, but not my full cup of tea.... or coffee.

Thanks again to Oren for our latest trade!

My next mail day just arrived yesterday.

It was from the always creative mind at Nine Pockets blog who creates some amazing customs.

This time, it was 8-bit stickers.
How cool is this NY Giants one???

If you guys are interested, he may have some extras left but may have some for sale as well.

Thanks Gregory! Keep up the great work. Hope to see some Christmas Vacation customs at Christmas time :) I know you have the talent to do so!

*takes one more stare at the empty mug*

I may be waiting on a refill to blog, but that doesn't mean I won't still be around. I will still be reading your blogs and commenting. Will be on Twitter @collect_sport, not as much, but a few check-ins a day. My email is always open for trading or just open in general at 

Thanks for reading today's post.

Have a great Friday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Coffee and cards is a great combination. My cup is empty. I need a refill also. Take time to enjoy what life has to offer. I have adjusted things that require my time and refined them a number of times. Thanks for sharing your Coffee and cards!

  2. Glad the sticker arrived so quickly! I'll think about that Christmas Vacation idea, heheh.

  3. Hope you eventually get that refill.

  4. Maybe I need to comment more here! I read SCC and this one, admittedly my football cards interest is not great though!


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