Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Is It Christmas Now?

*coffee is ready, October is over, it's time for Christmas...cards....well...a new post on cards over coffee.*

*takes a sip*

October is over, does that mean it's Christmas now? Not that I am ignoring Thanksgiving and not that I am not thankful for everything in my life, but darn it, I love Christmas.

*takes a sip, pictures lights and decorations putting him in his happy place*

My last few trips to Walmart, I go roughly once a week, have been more exciting and not because of cards. It's because they have been setting up their Christmas section which I spend a lot more time strolling through than the card section.

Most of the time I am on the lookout for a new National Lampoons Christmas Vacation piece for my collection. From bobble heads to Christmas cards to Funko Pops to whatever features my favorite movie of all-time I will take it.
So far this year I have added this 2022 Hallmark Ornament featuring Cousin Eddy's famous RV and

This Christmas card I found at Dollar General this past weekend.

I am very excited to add both of these. I was hoping that one of the stores I visited would have the other ornaments I am missing from this year's edition. I have older ones I need still as well.

Along with collecting Christmas Vacation memorabilia, I also collect sport cards featuring Christmas. Santa Cards, Short Prints from Topps Holiday, Sweater cards, Santa Hat relics, etc. I will be posting some of my collection on Twitter daily in December so if you follow me there stay tuned. I will also be posting some new ones I acquired on Christmas on here as well.

So get yourselves ready, it's almost fully Christmas season and I will be ready...with coffee in hand of course. Not that I don't mind some hot cocoa around the holidays, but coffee still rules the day.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday.

In comments today, let me know when you start celebrating Christmas and decorating, etc. Also, I am curious if any of you collect Christmas related cards as well.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. A classic! Last year, may wife and I wore matching shirts with "Why is the carpet all wet Todd??" and "I don't know Margo" on them...

    1. My wife and I had masks with that on them! We would wear them in stores and get looks lol

  2. I think about Christmas all through the year. I may put up some outside lights today as it is supposed to be 72 degrees in Central Minnesota today! And to think on October 13th we had snow for my birthday. Minnesota weather is unpredictable!

    1. I fully decorated over the weekend...except the tree. I wait until thanksgiving for that

  3. I don't usually decorate my place, because I typically spend Christmas at someone else's house. But I do love me the Christmas holidays... mainly because I get two week off from work :D

    1. Haha! Good point on time off. My wife only gets a few days off from hers


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