Tuesday, November 29, 2022

It's Allen & Ginter Season

*sits down and gets ready for a new post on cards over coffee. has cards, coffee and laptop ready. lets do this*

It's Topps Allen & Ginter season again. 

While some of you are participating in hunting season looking for at least an 8-pointer, I am out there looking for the non-sport cards from Allen & Ginter.

*takes a sip*

I am not sure if I see myself opening up any of this great product this season, so I have been looking to add the non-sport cards from it.

My buddy Shane from Cheap Wax Wednesday had me covered with some of the names I wanted from 2022, but there are still some names that I need which are the following,
  • Scott Hanson
  • Dave Haus
  • Rachel Balkovec
  • Davey Cuts
  • Charlie Berens
  • Charlie Sheen
  • Michelle Wie west
  • Malika Andrews
  • Morgan Murphy
If any of you have them and can fill in my missing gaps, let me know. I also don't mind dupes (or hits) of some of the other guys or inserts as well.

*takes a sip*

I may not have my needs from this year's Allen & Ginter done yet, but I keep adding to my past years and recently padded some more for my 2017 collection thanks to Johnny's Trading Spot with my recent contest win.

2017 Allen Ginter Revolutionary Battles


2017 Allen&Ginter Sport Fish & Fishing Lures

2017 Allen&Ginter World's Fair

Thanks goes out to Johnny's Trading Spot for the contest cards.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

As I said above, if any of you have any of my wants I am hunting from 2022 Allen & Ginter from above, please let me know. They are a 9-pointer so it will take some work :)

I would also love to get the Alice Cooper Relic as well. And it was surprising he didn't have a base card as well. I would have taken that instead of the relic.

In comments today, let me know your favorite Allen & Ginter non sport base or insert card or cards.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. A&G does tend to have some interesting inserts for sure. While many are outside mu interest (wheels of cheese, bread?) there are others I have been chasing, The Revolutionary Battles is one as well as several of the other historical based ones.

    1. I like the history ones as well. But find all of them fun overall

  2. I've probably got a few of those. I'll let you know.

    1. Sounds good. Looks like after a trade and a rak i might have them now

  3. My favorite A&G card is the 2019 Collectible Canines insert of a Bernese Mountain Dog. But there are a bunch of cool A&G cards out there. Maybe one day I'll write a Top 10 post. Lol. Who am I kidding... my short term memory sucks. No way I'll remember to do this... but it would be fun to write.


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