Wednesday, February 22, 2023

The Process

It's the calm before the storm as I drink my coffee on this sunny winter day.

We are expecting 7-12 inches of snow which may lead to a snowed-in day. Fortunately my wife has tomorrow off from work as well.

Being snowed-in isn't always a bad thing especially when you are a sport card collector with a lot of projects to tackle.

In my limited spare time, instead of blogging I have been trying to tackle some of those projects. One of the biggest ones is moving my rookie cards from boxes back into binders.

At one point I had all of these rookies inside of binders. There is a row like this for every team in baseball and football inside of these monster boxes. Basketball is the same way as well except there isn't quite as much. 

Which is making this project drag on.

Putting cards in binders is a painfully slow process as you want to make sure you don't damage the cards on the way in. Not to mention you also want to check out the cards as you go along.

So far, I have only completed three of these boxes with many more to go. And this is just the rookies. I haven't even gotten to the player boxes yet.

As the cards are added to binders, the binders are labeled on the side with painters' tape and a number written on it. That number corresponds with the number in this notebook telling me which team or teams are in that binder.

The binders are then stored upright on shelves. This is the first time since the 90's I have stood binders upright. It has been said they are better stored on their sides but in order for this project to fit they will have to stay this way.

I am hoping more can be done on this project tomorrow with the snow coming. I will need a distraction from it.

Let me know in comments how you store your binders.

Hope you enjoyed a cup of coffee with today's post.

Coffee Card Blogger Out.


  1. Funny on the numbering. All my sets are in 800ct boxes. I have a numbering system on the outside that tells me what is in them as well. Also helps preserves the boxes instead of writing all over them.

    1. I never thought about doing that to my boxes. I will still have boxes even after the binders.

  2. I have 1600 shoebox and 3200 monster boxes with my cards in them. I have plastic sleeves on the outside of them that I have put label size cardstock pieces with the information of what is inside. That makes it easy to change the information on the label card and replace the old one.

    1. Very good idea, I may have to take this one


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