Monday, February 13, 2023

The Trade Game

You can buy cards, you can sell cards, but nothing is better than trading cards. There are many ways to trade them, and I have done most of the ways to do so in what I like to call, The Trade Game.

In The Trade Game, it's funny how trades work out sometimes. Sometimes you win some, sometimes you don't. I remember a trade back in 2017 I made for a Patrick Mahomes Optic rookie card where I gave up six base autographs for it which at that time was an even deal. 

After a second Super Bowl win last night, I think Patrick Mahomes may be worth just a tad more now.

Other trades, I lost. For example, I traded away a rare Upper Deck Jeff Gordon fire suit relic for a Sp rookie card of an upcoming running back in Denver named Terrell Davis. At the time, it was a great trade. Then the injuries kicked in and it was a huge loss.

Then there are trades where you trade for a card intending to keep it, but then decide later on to trade it away. This is exactly what happened this past weekend with a recently acquired card.

A few weeks ago, before the NFC Championship game, I had been looking to add a Brock Purdy rookie card to my collection thinking he was going to continue his amazing run with the 49ers. I also needed one for my rookie card collection as I try to collect one rookie of everyone, and he has a limited amount of them out there. So, I gave up some decent RJ Barrett cards as I move away from collecting him and acquired the 2022 Chronicles Prestige rookie of Purdy.

Then came the NFC Championship game. Purdy got hurt early in the game and the 49ers lost to the Eagles badly. The end of his run was over and so was the end of his card values and possibly his future as starter on that team.

That usually doesn't affect whether I keep a card or not, but when I found out my father found two impossible-to-find blasters of 2022 Mosaic football and he wanted a Purdy rookie, I have to admit, it got me.

So, I drove an hour away to Walmart and traded him the Purdy rookie along with a couple other cards for the blaster box of Mosaic. This isn't the first time I have traded cards for wax with him as my desperation to rip open stuff sometimes overwhelms me when I hadn't opened anything in a while. The thrill of the pull!

My hope was that this box would replace the Purdy I traded away so I would have a rookie of his for my collection still, but, it didn't. It did however provide something much bigger which was great since I usually take a big loss on our past trades like this.

I am going to take a sip and then show you how this box break went.
Each blaster box of 2022 Mosaic football comes with 6 packs of 6 cards. Boxes run $35 each and no guarantees at all.

Here was my best base rookie card of the box. It was also a subset version of it with NFL Debut.

National Pride parallel is a new addition to this year's product. I would have gone right by it if I hadn't seen someone else post this parallel on one of the Facebook groups I am apart of. At least this is a card of the assumed 49ers starter.

Not bad silver pull. Treylon Burks had a few moments this season, but he had big shoes to fill in when they traded away AJ Brown.

Tyquan Throton Mosaic Parallel.

Here's a guy that knows a thing or two about winning Super Bowls.

Green on Green. The offensive Rookie Of The Year Garrett Wilson.

HoloFame Mosiac parallel insert of Jerome "The Bus" Bettis. He was a fun watch when he got running at full speed.

Touchdown Masters of last year Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp.

Holofame base insert of Warren Moon who felt like he played for every team in the league for 40 years.

And in the final pack....
Aaron Rodgers case hit Genesis parallel. Which I must mention I had my wife open up three packs and this was in her pack. She didn't know what this was and assumed it was a plain ole parallel, but I knew better. 

I would say my gamble for this trade paid off even though I am now in need of a Brock Purdy rookie card. I am sure someone out there must have one for PWE trade. Which leads me back to the trade game again. 

There is no right or wrong in trading, only fun.

Thanks again to my father on this trade if he is reading this. I am not sure if he even remembers that I have a blog haha!

Thoughts on my break welcomed in comments after you take a sip of coffee (or tea or water or even alcohol though coffee is obviously preference here)

Coffee Card Blogger Out.


  1. Nice pulls! Figuring out which parallel you have can be tricky. It would be nice if they were tied to an Identification number that was easy to look up. Need more coffee!

    1. I agree. Companies need to figure out how to label these parallels

  2. I was tempted to buy some Chronicles and Mosaic in an effort to try and pull a Purdy. But then when I was about to check out... I realized that there was a lot of other stuff I could buy instead. If Purdy has a hall of fame career, people are gonna have to pay stupid prices for his rookie cards. Heck. They already are a little insane (but maybe that's because I live among Niner Nation).

    1. Yeah people are still paying high on Purdy. I would just like a base rookie again just to say I have one but I am not overpaying or overtrading for it

  3. I don't think I ever hit a GENESIS parallel.


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