Monday, July 31, 2023

Belated Birthday Gift

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Before the post, sip and donut time.

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In life, people come and go. Most of the time when they go, they are gone never to be heard or seen again. However, there are rare instances when they come back.

I know in my hobby life; I have met lots of great people online whether that be through blogging or on my Facebook pages or on Twitter. Some I haven't heard from in years. Some I talk to everyday and one...well...I thought was gone but has returned after six months.

Welcome back Oren. Glad to have you back.

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Not only was it great to hear from Oren and knowing he was fine, but it will be fun to kick off our trades again and being able to email one another as well.

Oren also had a surprise packed for me and sent me a belated birthday gift and it was amazing.

Check this out,

New card for my Marvel PC, more on that coming up in a future post.

We all have seen that Bowman Mantle before, but have you seen these other promotional Mantles before? I haven't.
Here is the back to them. Interesting oddball addition.

The base version of this 1997 Bowmans Best Best Cuts Jake Plummer will go great with the refractor version I have :)

Cooper Taylore was a 5th round pick of the Giants in the 2013 draft. He didn't quite make a big splash and was cut by the Giants, but always welcome any Giants player as long as they are wearing blue.

Do you know how bad I wanted one of these back in 2000? REALLY BAD! I have always kept an eye on one and have wanted still since. I guess I can cross it off now.

Wayne Gallman showed some bright spots when he started some games for the Giants when Saquon Barkley got injured.

David Stambaugh is an actor for The Bad News Bears movies, and this marks I believe my third autograph from this set. 

Along with sending along those great cards above, Oren hit me up with some wicked cool unopened packs. I haven't decided which ones I am opening or adding to my unopened pack PC.
The Simpsons. First time I have one of these in my collection. I really need to chase down the base set.

Upper Deck Dinosaurs. I remember winning a box of these and how fun that product was to open.

2022 Absolute Memorabilia retail pack. I ripped this bad boy.

Results. Not a bad find with the Pickens, he showed some serious highlights last year and could grow off from it this year.

These are beautiful!!! OG Batman movie packs (I want this base set and sticker set), Batman Begins pack (I am wanting this base set and hologram set) and Batman Forever hanger pack (want this base set and hologram set). I haven't decided which of these I will open yet or keep them sealed for my Batman collection.

Then came a huge surprise......
2021 Historic Autographs Written Word POTUS The First 36. This would mark my first hobby box opening of 2023. With no company sponsors left, I figured I would never see a hobby box again then came this surprise.

What's really cool with these, there are chances to pull DNA cards which would be beyond EPIC for me to find.

Each box comes with two cards for that chance at one. Here is what those two cards can be overall, Written Word Card, Limited Edition Die-cut Monument Card, POTUS DNA Hair Card, POTUS DNA Dual Hair Card or an Authentic POTUS Cut Signature Card

I couldn't wait any longer, so I tore in that box like I did when I opened up the donut one,
This is what it looks like on the inside.

Card #1
Andrew Johnson, our 17th president cut up handwritten words from him. Pretty cool and wonder what kind of document they cut up for these. You would think it would be in a history museum. You can view the documents online which I will probably do at some point.

And the next card is Grover Cleveland, the 22nd president cut up handwritten words. Once again, I need to look up the documents they cut up.

I didn't get the DNA card or even the cut-up signature I had hoped for, but I am still beyond stoked for these. Really cool history pieces for my non sport PC. I really want to open another now!

Thanks again to Oren for this superb gift. Really appreciate it beyond words.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I hope everyone is ready for more of the mail day posts from Oren coming up this year. I am sure there will be more fun cards to show off.

In comments today, comment on the cards or what you do with packs like the ones I have above. Do you collect unopened packs? wrappers?

I hope everyone has a great Monday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Happy Monday belated birthday! The only packs I have are for sale and I have not collected any wrappers. Time for a heat-up and a refill.

  2. Belated Happy Birthday! Excellent stuff all around!

    1. Birthday was back in March, but thanks :)

  3. Was really hoping you'd open the Batman Forever pack. Was curious to see the holographic insert. Maybe I can find more.

    As for the POTUS cards, since you really enjoyed it, it might make a return to you at some point.

    Happy belated birthday! Glad you had fun ripping the box.


  4. Love the Bad News Bear auto! I was super excited when I saw these back in 2013. As for unopened packs... I have a collection of non-sports packs and Japanese baseball packs. I also have a large collection of unopened boxes. Most of them I can't justify tearing into... because they are way more valuable sealed. That being said... I love ripping open packs. I just typically get my fix through buying blasters.

    1. I have some unopened boxes I am dying to open but just can't see myself doing so. Some are hard to find sealed anymore


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