Monday, June 17, 2024

Coffee With Charles Martinet

It's another late-night post, which will probably be the only way I can squeeze some in right now, but it works.

I am hoping you can still enjoy a cup of coffee no matter what time you are reading this. I already enjoyed three today myself.

I do have some mail day posts from others to post and wanted to post first, but I didn't have the time for that tonight so wanted to do a quick post instead.

*yawns a little, but is more focused tonight than the last post*

I am sure some of you reading tonight's post title are like, who is Charles Martinet while others are like, oh-I know who that is!

If any of you are gamers or even know the name Mario, I am sure you know who Martinet is. 

He is the original voice of Mario for the Nintendo video games and was Mario from 1991 up until he retired in 2023. The new guy just isn't the same. You can tell the difference.

I remember playing Super Mario Bros with my friend growing up plenty of times and even today, I find myself occasionally playing some Mario Kart or Mario Party when I have free time. Most of that time when I do play it's with and against family.

And I am not that great at it. Nothing I can brag about that's for sure.

But, as with most of my non-sport pickups, its nostalgia driven.

So, when I found out he was on the 2024 Leaf Pop Century checklist, I had to have a copy.
And it did not disappoint. Clean signature and a cool Mario drawing that adds a special touch.

This copy is /6. I didn't care if it was numbered or not, I just wanted a copy.

*yawns again before finishing up today's post*

Martinet is one of a few recent autograph additions to my Non-Sport PC. I have been putting a bigger emphasis on adding more non-sports than sports recently.

I can't wait to show those off and the cool cards I got in the mail from others.

More #CardsOverCoffee on the way.

Hope everyone has a great nights sleep...just make sure you read this when you wake up.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. A few huge Mario fans in my house. I'm sure they all know who Charles is. After all those years there is no easy way to replace him. Coffee in the AM!

    1. Not at all. Same goes with any team and players. Giants haven't been able to replace Eli Manning, not sure they ever will.

  2. My nieces just kicked my butt two nights ago at Mario Kart. I totally suck. But it was a lot of fun.

    1. Mario Kart gets me angry lol. But, like you said, still a lot of fun haha

  3. Despite being a huge fan of Super Mario 1 & 2 (on NES) when I was a kid, I associate, thanks to the Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, Captain Lou Albano with Mario more than anyone else.

    1. I loved that show!! Have some episodes on DVD still

  4. It's a bummer he retired, but glad they put him in the Super Mario Brothers Movie. Hall of Fame that card!


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