Saturday, June 15, 2024

Been Busy

It's a little too late for a cup of coffee, but not late enough to try and put a post together.

Or is it?

*yawns, but pushes through*

I wanted to try and get a new post up so you guys wouldn't think I drowned in a cup of coffee or choked on a mini donut hole. Though both of those ways of dying wouldn't be the worst ways to go out.

Instead, I have been really busy with life and life the last few weeks have been full of ups and downs.

First, I had my follow up appointment at my urologist from the kidney stone and stent back in March. Before my appointment, I had an ultrasound done which showed that I may have had an issue from the procedure leading to my kidneys being backed up with fluid. GREEEEEAATTT. More on this later in the post.

Follow that news up a few days later, I had allergies/head cold which led to an ear infection and blocked up right ear. Two antibiotics, nasal sprays, steroid nasal spray, Sudafed, hot bean bags and two and a half weeks later, that is finally healed....well mostly. The ear still has some fluid but definitely back to at least 95% better.

On top of that, I had family coming up from Tennessee and Boston for a graduation and graduation party I hosted.

To say the least, it's been a little busy for me and I just haven't had the time to post.

Which is why this post won't even be an in-depth card post, instead it will be a gallery of some fun pics I have taken the last few weeks.


This chipmunk is super annoying. He steals all of the bird seed from the birds and even broke into my porch, chewed a hole in the lid of a popcorn container I stored the seeds in and ate about a third of it. Grrrr. I brought it all inside now until he finds a new home.

Hopefully you enjoyed the pictures above. Let me know which was your favorite in comments.

My return to some card posts will hopefully be soon. I can't make any promises though. 

With so much happening to me this year, it has come to my attention that I need to start to put more focus into more important things when they present themselves such as spending even more time with family this summer. If that requires me missing out on blogging for a few days, weeks, I am good with that. This is not an approach I took in the past but should have. I am turning more wiser/better with age like a fine cup of coffee. I am actually not sure if coffee is like wine and tastes better with age, but since I don't drink alcohol, this will be my metaphor. 

Also, I never have coffee around long enough for it to age.

*yawns again before finishing up today's post*

Now back to the kidney before I finish up today's post. I saved the best for last. I dealt with stress from the bad follow up news for almost a month until I had my x-ray with dye and bloodwork this past Monday which showed that my kidneys looked good, and I can move forward finally. I don't have another follow up until next June now so hopefully no more kidney stones, so it won't have to be sooner. By far the best news of the year for me and praying this is the turn around my year has been needing.

Another thing of note, if you are up late reading this or maybe just checking it out tomorrow, I want to make sure you wish all of the dad readers out there Happy Father's Day. Dad's play a big role in how the world turns so kudos to all of the Fathers out there.

*yawns, really needs to finish this up*

I have some fun cards to show off from friends Oren and Jon when I come back with new posts among other fun pickups I can't wait to show off.

Stay tuned for more #CardsOverCoffee.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Coffee is always good. Great kidney news! Prayers for continued healing. Good looking food pics make me hungry. Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers.

  2. Real Life stuff should always come before blogging. I'm glad to hear the positive update. It's about time that you got some good news. And chipmunks can be terribly destructive, and surprisingly noisy, but damn are they cute!

    1. Yes, I agree. Took me way too many years to figure that out but I am going to pop on when I can and when I am busy, I am busy. I am not at all glued to doing this anymore like I was

  3. Jon stole the words right off of my keyboard. Unless blogging was a key source of income for me (which it isn't), it will always take a backseat to family and my real job. The good news is we'll be here waiting for you when you return.

    P.S. Never dealt with chipmunks, but he/she is adorable. My favorite photo is the sunset/sunrise with the trees.

    1. Agreed. Definetely not for income at all. I haven't made a dime collecting or blogging.


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