Friday, December 18, 2020

Tips On Investing In Sport Cards

*takes a sip of coffee, smiles behind the mug feeling a little better today and knowing that Christmas is only a week away*

Investing is a major part of the "New Hobby" as I call it.

Who's going to be the next big player? Who is already in a spot to turn things up to invest into in hopes of making big bucks?  Which product should be cleaned off shelves to invest in so I can flip it for more?

INVEST! INVEST! INVEST! MONEY...MONEY...MONEY!!!!! (picture Andy voicing the pig off from Toy Story)

I have never touched on my investing in this hobby so figured while the topic arose, I would.

So here are some of my HOT investment tips,
  • INVEST YOUR MIND: Invest your mind into the hobby and decide which path you want to go in collecting. There are many roads to travel in what you want to collect and why you were brought into collecting. Invest your mind into what you like to collect and not follow the path of those most followed. Be yourself in the hobby by investing your mind into what you like, not what others do.
  • INVEST YOUR TIME: Invest your time in your collection. Sort, trade, enjoy, and do it all over again. Investing your time into what you collect is the best investment you will make.
  • INVEST IN OTHERS: Spending time with others online, if you have an LCS or store closer do that to, has been a great investment for me. I have made serious friendships over my time online and these friends have become better friends then the ones I supposedly have in real life. Not that these online friends are not real people.
  • INVEST IN STORAGE: Investing in the way you store and showcase your collection will give you that happy feeling that your collection won't get ruined and gives you a way to "show off" your masterpiece.
  • INVEST IN SHARING: There is no greater feeling than sharing your hobby with others and what you collect. On top of that, sharing can also mean sharing cards with others. If you have something that you don't want and you know someone else will enjoy, trade it or simply just send it to them. Putting smiles on others is a worthy investment that will make you and the other person feel amazing.
  • INVEST IN CHILDREN IN THE HOBBY: The only way this hobby can continue to grow and survive is if we invest our time in the next generation. Telling them to collect to make money isn't the best approach. Share with them why you enjoy collecting. What collecting can mean to them. You know, memories, nostalgia, etc. Buy them cards, send them cards, help them learn and enjoy the hobby and all that it has to offer.
I hope these tips were handy for you. It's how I abide in the hobby every day and strongly believe in my investments. 

Oh, wait, you wanted to know about how to make money off cards by investing in the hobby and which players or products will give you that. My bad, I don't do that here. I am a collector. I collect, trade and show off sport cards. I don't buy cards to flip. I don't sell cards even. I hoard little pieces of cardboard with players pictures on them and I enjoy doing so.

I may also invest my into blogging about the hobby, Tweeting about the hobby, Facebook pages I run about the hobby and coffee that I drink while I do all of that about the hobby. I invest so much into coffee. 

*takes a sip of the investment. So worth it*

I think the closest to that kind of investing, or what others may consider investing money wise, I get is grabbing some Bowman Chrome baseball every year. That's not to buy and flip, that's simply just to add some rookie cards to my collection. I try to have one of every player.

This year I was able to land a 2020 Bowman Chrome Mega Box. This is only the second Mega Box I have ever opened. The first one was very successful with 2020 Prestige football so hoping this baseball Chrome is just as lucky.

*takes a sip, begins to rip*
Each box of 2020 Bowman Chrome comes with 35 cards. There are five 5-card packs of  Bowman Chrome baseball along with two 5-card packs of mojo refractors. Each of these boxes range from $45 to $60 per mega.

The base card design is just chromed up Bowman.

I pulled a Trout and Gleyber as my best base. Both are PC players so that works out perfect.

Now onto the rookies or as some may call them, investments.


And Robert. I was surprised to find him honestly.

and all of the rest

Now onto the two mojo refractor packs *takes a sip to rip again*

(Jackson is a name I have heard)

And I even pulled an autograph. Not sure if they are guaranteed but it was a nice find regardless.
Encarnacion autograph. On card. I don't know this player but looking at the team I can't imagine he is a very hot prospect.

*enjoyed the rip, so takes a sip*

To close, I don't want it to sound like I judge those that do choose to invest money in the hobby. That wasn't the point of this post. I just think my investments are less riskier and more rewarding for you in the long run. Take my advice or not, I will still be standing by it and be sipping on my biggest investment while I do so.


  1. Good bait and switch! Anyway, I agree with you. But opening a box sure looks like fun.

  2. Good advice. Like you, I don't sell my cards... so it's hard to say that I invest or collect for investment purposes. That being said... I do get pleasure from seeing certain cards in my collection soar in value. I think that it just stems from my childhood when I'd sit down with those Beckett pocket books (the ones you'd get at the school book fair) and price out my collection.

  3. This'll probably cause some panties to get twisted in a bunch, especially in regards to the Twitter crowd.


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