Saturday, December 19, 2020

So Glad I Didn't Pay This Part 1

*takes a sip of morning coffee, it hits the spot on this very cold bitter day.*

Panini Prizm. One of the most popular products, at least for football and basketball, out there. 

It's a product I enjoy to rip every year to land some of the top rookies and NY Giants cards for my collection. This year in the hobby as we all know, has been a different. The days of walking into a retail outlet like Walmart to find a pack, blaster or hanger of cards just isn't there. So top that off with the most popular product of Prizm, the odds of finding any in a store are the same odds as winning Powerball or a years supply of coffee.

So instead of wasting time texting my father to stalk Walmart or putting myself in Covid's way by going there, I went searching for ways to trade for some via the internet.

It didn't actually take me very long before I found an online card shop that had some Prizm they were willing to trade and we made a deal. What I didn't know, was that what I traded for came marked for what they were going to sell them for in the shop.

My mind was blown. (insert the Will Ferrell GIF)

*takes another sip of coffee. Looks outside his kitchen window at the wind blowing and waits to see a witch on a broom circulating in the gusts. Nothing yet. Probably even too cold out there for a witch*

Today I will be showing off one of the breaks while following up with the other tomorrow. 

I just had to show you what I got from this "expensive break".

*takes a sip, begins to rip*
(before I do a small breakdown, take note of the price. Yeah, $60 for a hanger box! Insane!!)

Every hanger box of 2020 Panini Prizm football comes with one pack of 20 cards. If you go by the $60 price tag, that means every card in this box should be valued at $3. Normally, I believe the hangers would go for $12-$15. Each hanger comes with 4 exclusive Red Ice Prizms.

*opens box, takes a sip*
I pulled the pack out and on top is Blake Jarwin. That's gotta be a #hobbyfail start right?

The second card is this Julio Jones. This years base card design is similar to years pasts which is fine for a product like this. Also ignore the green reflection on the card, the room I took the picture in has brightly colored walls. This is just a base card.

The next base card was the last best base card I found. This one was of Jets/Patriots great Curtis Martin.

Overall, there are 400 base cards in the set broken up with 300 being base and 100 being rookies.

Speaking of rookies, ONE. ONE ROOKIE IN THIS PACK. Rookie cards are what this product depends on and it appears Panini made it extra tough this year to find them. Cam Akers wasn't too bad of a find though after his big game last week.

*takes a sip/gulp before looking at the parallels*

The first parallel card I found in this break was a Green Prizm of Xavien Howard.

Then came the Red Ice Prizm parallels.

Mercole Hardman Jr. These are eye pleasing.

Joe Mixon

Kirk Cousins

Oh, rookie parallel. James Proche. Almost Joe Burrow...same division at least.

And there was also one insert to find,
Go Hard Or Go Home is a new insert line in Prizm this year. Can't go wrong with a Lamar Jackson find. There are 10 of these to find in the set.

*enjoys the rip just as a rip*

I think it's plain to see not every card in this break was valued at $3. The "money hit" was most likely the Cam Akers rookie card but even that really isn't something to brag about. It will however make my first rookie card of him so it's a nice collection piece regardless.

Tomorrow I will be showing off a blaster box and the results from that. Will that one hit home or will it crumble? Grab a cup of coffee and come back tomorrow to see.

Speaking of grabbing a cup of coffee and crumble, my stomach tells me it's time for breakfast and another hot cup.


  1. The money grab truly is sad these day with the flippers at the store. Cool pack though, and I hear a popular product.

    1. It is. Sad hobby it has become and yes it's very popular which only makes it harder to acquire

  2. The markup on Prizm is crazy. I saw Prizm baseball blasters yesterday at Target, but didn't grab any. No way I would have passed up basketball or football though.

    1. Yes dont ever leave football or basketball prizm behind!

  3. I'm kind of surprised that they would've even traded these to you, that is unless they knew that they were getting something that they could sell for more in return. I also didn't realize that the markup was so high for these now. I saw some at Walmart the other day, and didn't even consider buying any.

    1. I wished I had known! Could have traded with you for some!

  4. That markup was crazy. I usually pass these by but I might have to give them a second look. The Akers, Julio and Jackson cards make this respectable but we're all looking for Tua and Burrow.

  5. At retail I would pick up at 3X i'm a pass on boxes I do need the Jackson and Proche if available...... LMK


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