Monday, March 20, 2023

How My 40th Went

"Every Day That Starts With A Cup Of Coffee Is A Good Day"- Me

And that's exactly how my 40th birthday kicked off yesterday with a trip to Dunkin'. I don't get any of those fancy drinks, especially being someone stuck on decaf, so I usually just get some mocha swirls which is good enough for me.

My trip then took an even better turn with more coffee and a local diner breakfast with a sample of everything. IT WAS SOOOO GOOD and way beyond filling. I actually didn't eat another meal for the day.

The trip almost went further, but then came the snow squalls where you couldn't see anything so the trip ended and I went home to open up some gifts from the Mrs.

First up, a new Giants hat. These are always welcomed in my eyes. There were also a couple of personalized non sport shirts too in the same bag but I kept this post to just sports for today.

Next up came the wax. A blaster box of each 2022 Donruss football and 2022(3?) Bowman Chrome U football which I busted immediately.

Here are the key results,

The Donruss didn't provide me with too much excitement. It was nice to add a couple new Giants to the collection.

Donruss 2002 throwback insert of Terrell Davis. I never mind adding a new TD for my collection.

Franchise Future of Amon-RA St.Brown who looks like a solid player for the Lions.

Production Line insert of Mark Andrews.

Now onto the Bowman Chrome where I had more success. Though I don't understand why Topps called this 2022 despite it having 2023 rookies. But, it's nice to see Bowman Chrome football again and now it has at least college logos again.

Anthony Richardson Bowman 1st. One of the top QB prospects in this year's draft.

Caleb Williams silver parallel. Another one of the Top QBs in this year's draft.

Cade McNamara Pink parallel. Can't go wrong with pulling the QB's in this years strong draft.

And finally, a really nice Purple Mini Diamond Parallel /399 of Will Levis. Another one of those QB's that should go in the Top 10 if not Top 5. These fall 1:98 packs.

I really like the Bowman Chrome and look forward to seeing this back when they get NFL logos.

And there was the end of the wax.

But, don't worry, my day wasn't quite over yet.
Later in the day my mother-in-law dropped off my homemade Carrot Cake and it was superb!

I only had a small piece since I was still getting hit hard with that breakfast, but a sample was so worth it.

And a sample right now as I sip my coffee and put up this post is just as great :)

Before I close up today's post, I wanted to thank all of you who reached out to me on Twitter, Facebook and on here and wished me a Happy Birthday. I appreciate all of the love.

In comments today, let me know your favorite kind of cake or your thoughts on the cards.

Have a great Monday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Nice cards that even have the logos on them. Carrot cake reminds me of my Aunt who passed away last year. She always had something with cream cheese in it. I can tolerate that, especially to remember her. My favorite cake has to be a chocolate cake that my Mom mixed up in the cake pan with no mixing bowl needed. Just took the last sip.

    1. Nothing wrong with chocolate cake especially if it comes with coffee

  2. The diner breakfast would have done it for me. Dang that looked good. And carrot cake at the end.... Oh, and cards... Sorry, got distracted by the food.

    1. the diner breakfast is always spot on. The only place here that has perfect food every time

  3. Not the biggest cake guy (I like pie)... but I'd never turn away a slice of carrot cake.

    1. I like pie as well. First year I chose cake over pie


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