Thursday, March 23, 2023


Coffee and a blaster box to open....what can make this better? Oh, that's right, my asiago bagel with jalapeño cream cheese. Now I am ballin' out as some would say.

I picked up this Zenith blaster about a month ago and I am just finding time to sit down and open it.

This is the first time since Panini brought back the Zenith brand that it was offered in retail form and from images I had seen, I was pretty happy to find a box.

Each blaster comes with 6 packs of 4 cards each. There is also one autograph or memorabilia card per blaster and blaster boxes are $27.98 each. Which isn't bad with a guaranteed hit.

The base card design sticks with the Zenith feel. They were always known for a football related background. I think visually, these are fun. Still won't ever top the 1996 design, but what ever matches it's 90's counterpart? Not even my coffee!

I really wished they stuck with the base card design for the rookies or came up with something more creative than the word rookie in the background.

I did pull this guy though, it made me happy.

I pulled three Red Zone parallels. Red Zone was a parallel that was in the Playoff football brand line. But, Panini decided to axe the brand and must have crossed over some parts of it to Zenith.

Then came the inserts which was a mixed bag for me.

Pacific looks and feels cool, it's a thicker card, but feels out of place in this product.

Same goes with Thunder and Lightning which was brought over froim the Playoff product. The card is beautiful, but it's a meh feeling in this product.

And speaking of beautiful cards, they nailed this Revolution card. But, once again, it doesn't feel right in this product. Revolution was a standalone product in the 90's like Pacific above.

There we go! Finally a real Zenith insert! The card is also very thick an a lot more shiny than it is showing on here.

And last,

My hit which I expected all along to be a relic and it was. Russell Wilson who I actually like as a player and person, was my pull. I am fine with it even though he had a really rough 2022 season but I expect a bigger 2023 especially with a Coach Payton in place.

Overall, I liked the product. Even though it felt like a better version of Chronicles. I hope to open another at some point.

Good breakfast, good cup of joe and a fun break. Couldn't ask for a better Thursday.

Your thoughts on this product welcomed in comments and also let me know your favorite Zenith brand design over the years.

I need to finish my cup and grab another cup. 


*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Zenith usually makes me think of the TV brand we had when I was growing up. There was a local dealer in town that carried them and my Dad is a "shop local" kind of shopper. Time for another pot!

    1. I remember those TVs as well. We used to have a local dealer as well who used to fix them

  2. Cool looking set of cards. I agree, that the rookie cards could of used a little more of something in the background. I am going to look out for these in the store. Nice rip!

    1. Thanks! I knew someone would agree with me on the rookie cards at least in comparison to the base

  3. I'm so out of the loop that I had no idea Panini had the rights to Pacific. That Deebo is cool! I like Russell too... so that's a sweet pull. I'm tempted to grab a six pack of bagels today after reading about yours and I'm already half way through my cup of coffee.


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