Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Unfinished Cup: 1995 Skybox Impact Countdown To Impact

I don't do this enough, and I am not talking about setting down the coffee mug because that's not going to happen (takes a sip), I am talking about putting focus back on finishing up some of my unfinished sets. 

There are so many I am close on, some even with one card to go! But, for some reason or another, when I actually have funds available, I don't put the focus on doing so and instead end up putting the funds somewhere else.

Which doesn't ever help finish up any of my projects. 

Hobby ADHD is what I like to call it.

But recently, I did put a little focus onto a few of my sets. I didn't finish them, but I did close it down some.

One of those sets is from 1995, my big explosion year into the hobby.

I will introduce you to 1995 Skybox Impact Countdown To Impact.

These inserts fell 1:20 packs of 1995 Skybox Impact.

They aren't the most eye appealing inserts looking back on what the 90's brought, but they appealed to me and I opened a ton of Skybox Impact that year so I already had a start on this set.

The cards feature a number stat that the player on the card accomplished. The number is also embossed, the cool part of the card.
Card back discusses the number reasoning. Emmitt's is 76 games to rush for 7,000 yards.

Along with adding Emmitt, I also added Drew Bledsoe.

Now just down to Troy Aikman (C4) and Steve Young (C3) to finish up this very long set chase.

If you have them, let me know! Just drop me a comment or email to I am always up for a trade.

Thoughts on this set welcomed in comments.

Other than that, I need more coffee and time for this blogger to *Coffee Card Blogger Out*

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