Friday, March 3, 2023

The (B)Wes(t) Of The Season

*sits down with a pile of cards, gets ready for a new Cards Over Coffee post*

Christmas time is always a magical time, but when you get a mail day from the greatest mail day senders of all time (GMDSOAT-not sure how you can pronounce that as GOAT) in Wes, it's like finding the gold at the of the rainbow with Santa handing it to you.

There is nothing like it and you never know what to expect. You may even find a magical unicorn. (well not a real unicorn but a rare card you never expected to find ever but I am sure Wes could find an actual unicorn as well)

I can never-ever show off everything he sent, or the blog would be filled for the year, so I choose bits and pieces and post them. The main ones from the mail day will be posted today, but plenty of others including Rodney Hamptons will be posted separately.

Let's get to the best of the best today.

*takes a sip*

I think I had talked to Wes about this card at one point and how I needed a Charles Oakley autograph for my Knicks PC. Now with Starks, Houston, and Oakley down, the one autograph I have left I want of the Knicks is the one of great Patrick Ewing.

Hmmm...a political figure covering their mouth up and not discussing the truth....

I really like these Pieces Of The Past relics. Not sure what documents they were cut from, but owing a piece of history is kind of cool.

These two cards fit perfectly in my unique relics PC. At one point I had considered chasing the entire Fragments Of The Farm set because I found the relics in that set to be superb!

This Topps 75th set had some really cool cards in it, both in base/parallels and its lengthy autograph checklist. Always like adding non sport autos when I can.

Cool Jeans swatch of a musician, yeah, I will take relics like that any day. If I had pant swatch cards, there may be some coffee stains on them. I have had a few spills during blogging and in general. My wife refuses to buy me white shirts now.

Christmas Sweater swag is what I am here for.

A swatch of the co-founder of one of the best all-time bands, bring it on.

Tommy Chong autograph. Growing up my father sat down and watched the Cheech and Chong movies with me. Not sure why but I found them funny, but I did. 

Jim never turned out to be a great QB but does have a really cool name. I collect the first relics of the 90's. I will take any of the players from any of the brands.

Thanks goes out to Wes as always for these cards and the plenty of others he sent.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I am never sure how Wes does what he does. Every year he brings out his (B)Wes(T) of the season and outdoes the previous year. On my end, it's really hard to match what he sends but I try my best. I usually have to start at the beginning of the year to build up enough to send him.

One thing in life I have always learned, you can't beat the best. You can only try to keep up. This also goes for coffee and not just the hobby.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. I like that Tommy Chong auto card. "I wasn't looking at his neck, man."

  2. Wes hooked it up. Lots of cool variety among these relic swatches.

  3. that's a GOAT mail day for sure. "Abide" on TCDb


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