Tuesday, March 14, 2023

It's Pi Day

*takes a sip, sits down and looks outside at the snow that continues to fall*

*takes another sip hoping it can take away the snow*

*it does not, takes another sip*

It's Pi Day or 3/14 or 3.14andabunchofinfinitenumbers day depending on how you look at it.

Unless you are from Alabama who according to this Allen and Ginter card changed the value from 3.14 to 3 in 1998 to line up with biblical views of the state. I would guess they would celebrate Pi Day all of March then?

Let me know if you are from Alabama.

For me, it's a usual day as I am no math person. Math was actually one of my worst subjects.

If anything, I would celebrate Pi Day as Pie Day. That's a day we should all be celebrating. Not some math number.

With it closing in on my birthday, another day we should all celebrate, I usually get a banana cream pie for it instead of cake from my mother-in-law who makes it from scratch. This year though, I decided to mix it up and I am having Carrot Cake instead. Sounds healthier, doesn't it? I mean it has carrots, right? Those are good for your eyes, aren't they?

But that doesn't mean I have turned my back on pie. Pie is amazing. Especially when it's homemade with a homemade crust.

*dreams of a slice of pie next to the cup of coffee*

*takes imaginary bite and takes a sip*

In comments today, tell me your favorite pie or your favorite number and why.

Hope you have a snowless day.

*takes a sip*

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Snowing right now ... Tough to pick a favorite pie, but I'll always be happy with blueberry, it's been a favorite since I was a kid.

  2. I'll take a slice of Pecan with coffee please. My favorite number has become 13. I was born on October 13th and my favorite birthdays have been on Fridays. No superstition for me. I also like number patterns. My favorite time of day is 12:34. It shows up twice every day. Another cup please?

  3. Every year on my birthday, my wife makes me a fantastic peanut butter pie. That's my favorite!

  4. Enjoy that B-day cake! My birthday is coming in a couple of months, and I'm going to have rum cake down at the Jamaican restaurant near me, along side some wings with the Jerk seasoned gravy. Deeeeelicious!

  5. Apricot pie. Favorite number? Not sure I have one that has stuck with me since childhood. I guess I'd go with 8... since Kobe Bryant and Kurt Suzuki both wore those #'s. The cool thing is... they both wore #24 too.


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