Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Sluggin' It

*coffee is ready, I am ready, let's do a new Cards Over Coffee*

I have stated this multiple times, but I don't collect a lot of baseball cards anymore as I am mainly focused on football collecting these days.

Which is odd since baseball was a big part of my collecting when I first started in the hobby.

But, that doesn't mean that I still don't collect some.

I still add Ken Griffey Jr cards when I can. I still add 90's inserts whenever I see them. Aaron Judge and Derek Jeter cards are always welcomed and I recently dove in deep and added to my Jasson Dominguez PC.

Here are my latest additions of the Yankees slugger who is having a great Spring Training.

And my first autograph add of the slugger :)
It's Leaf, but hey, I have one and this one sparkles.

I may not be sluggin' it with baseball cards as much anymore, but I do enjoy my pickups more because of that since they are more specific than football that is everything.

Thoughts on my latest adds welcomed in comments and I would love to hear if there is a sport that you used to collect more of but have dropped off from since.

Hope you have a coffee filled Tuesday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. I don't have a preference of any sport over another. I have more baseball because they are more available in the ways I picked up most of my cards. Had a cup. Need to make another pot.

    1. I could use a pot of coffee right now lol

  2. Basketball. Was really into collecting it during the 90's and when I returned to the hobby in 2008. But I stopped following the sport after the super teams took over the league. These days I'm like you... I'll add cheap 90's inserts and cards of specific players I collect: Kobe & Jordan.

    1. And those two players it's really hard to find cheap inserts of. I wished I had held onto my 90s basketball collection


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