Saturday, July 25, 2020

Coffee Break:2020 Luminance Football

*pours himself a cup of coffee, finds a bug floating in it, holds back not wanting coffee, dumps out first cup, grabs a new cup and nothing floating. All is good, let's get to blogging*

Last year I was able to break open a box of Panini's newest line of football line in Luminance and I was hoping to be able to repeat that this year.

Of course it will be hard to top my big pull last year in a Saquon Barkley autograph /75, but I am hoping for the best.

This years product from previews looked pretty much like it had stayed on task in comparison to last years product so I will be curious if there is any new kinks added or changes to this years product.

So sit down, grab that fresh cup of coffee and enjoy another Coffee Break with me.

Every hobby box of 2020 Luminance football comes with 4 packs per box with 10 cards per pack. Boxes come with 3 autographs and 1 memorabilia card. Boxes are roughly $210 right now. With the high price, only 40 cards per box, you are hoping there is something decent to be found.

This years base set is built up of 200 cards. 100 rookies and 100 veterans. Within that 100 veterans includes players with their updated teams like one of the biggest ones in....
Tom Brady as a Buc. It's his first card as a Buccaneer. This will take awhile to get used to.

The design is almost a clone to last years look with the rough surface, photography and no border look.

Same goes for the back. I am not too much of a fan of the way the stats are designed. Maybe it's just my hobby OCD.

I wanted to show off a couple other base so you get an idea of what kind of photography that Panini used.

I like the Jackson one.

I also pulled my first Austin Mack rookie base for the Giants undrafted free agent rookie snag.
The rookie cards feature players still in their college uniforms

While the backs tell us which teams they are on. I do like that a lot. First product of the year that offers this information.

I will say though, finding the top rookies are not easy. My best rookie pull was Jalen Hurts from this box.

*takes another sip of coffee, thinks about the Giants offense with Jones, Barkley, Lewis, Shepard, Tate, Slayton, Mack, Engram, and a new oline. Smiles, then continues onto the parallels*

There are two different forms of parallels in this product. One for veterans, one for rookies. Here is what you will be looking for,

Base Parallels: Gold /299, Blue /99, Green /75, Orange /50, Red /25, Pink /10, and Platinum 1/1.
Rookie Parallels: Gold /250, Blue /99, Green /75, Orange /50, Red /25, Pink /10, and Platinum 1/1.
 Green rookie /75

 Orange /50

Gold rookie /250

Gold veterans /299

*sneaks in another sip, continues on*

The inserts I wasn't overly impressed with last year, but this year, much different story. The designs and color schemes pop off of the card.

Inserts include the following parallels, Orange /100, Green /10, and Platinum 1/1.
Dynamic CeeDee Lamb. Honestly, I am hoping he isn't Dynamic #GiantsPride. There are 20 of these to collect including rookies and veterans.

Flash. There are 20 of these to collect as well that includes veterans and legends of the game. I really like the look as if cameras are taking the pictures of the featured players.

Light Speed. Faster than a speeding McCaffrey. Featured player in the front moving at Lightspeed to the blurred players in the background, well done. There are 20 cards of these as well in the product.

And finally, Lights Out. By far, my favorite of the group. These look so, so good. I was hoping that Jones or Barkley were in this set to chase, but they aren't. At least LT is in here and I will need that without a doubt.

*stops to drink more coffee and grab a bite to eat before taking a look at the hits*

Luminance stays true to itself whether it's base cards, inserts or even hits. You get that feeling throughout the product. I know that sounds weird, but some products look differently at their different levels.
My first hit was this Cris Carter Vintage Materials relic. Not too shabby. I always felt he was underrated.

Oh my goodness!! What a hit a Lamar....oh hold on......yeah, different Lamar Jackson. I find the back of the card numbering odd on these. They are the same card numbers as the rookie cards in the base set. Usually companies will give these different numbers or include these as the rookie cards.

Michael Pittman is my next hit. What an odd autograph.

And finally, some strong brew to end this break, a Spotlight Kyler Murray autograph /25.

*coffee mug still shaking in my hand after that last card. My current appearance looks like someone who was up all night and had too much caffeine*

I once again was impressed with this product. Think even more so this year because of the insert improvements over last year. This box wasn't looking too promising at first then the Kyler came and that changed the entire outcome value wise in here.

If you're looking to take a gamble on an early product for this years rookie class, I say look no further than Luminance.

*done typing, gets up to stretch and grab another cup of coffee before the days chores begin*

Ratings (ratings based on 1-5 🍵)

Design 🍵🍵🍵
Photography 🍵🍵🍵🍵
Inserts 🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵
Hits 🍵🍵🍵
Price 🍵🍵
Value 🍵🍵🍵


  1. Congratulations! If you sell Lamar and Kyler, you should have plenty of money now to buy tons of cool cards for your set builds.

    P.S. What kind of bug was in your coffee?

  2. Oh my goodness Kyler Murray autograph. As a Seahawks fan I can definitely appreciate his game.

  3. Awesome product it’s the Stadium Club of Football. Very nice hits My friend.

  4. I really like the base cards. They remind me of 90s Leaf for some reason.

  5. Sweeeeeeeet Kyler!! Love the colors and the action shots found in these cards. Fun 90s hit in Cris Carter! Looks like a fun product!

  6. Started out rough with the big, but I have to agree that the photos they used were excellent. Congrats on the Kyler!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  7. Kyler and Lamar are both 🔥🔥🔥. Thanks for the the review.

  8. Sweet Brady card. I like the Flash and lightspeed inserts. Base card design is good but the script throws me off. And great pull wth that Murray. Thanks for sharing your break.

  9. Man...those Lights Out cards are sweet!!!


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