Sunday, July 19, 2020

Coffee Break:2020 Legacy Football

*going to be brutally hot today, but still goes to coffee maker, grabs a cup of hot coffee and sits down. It's time for Cards Over Coffee folks*

Last year, the greatest thing to ever happen to sport cards occurred in Legacy football with their inclusion of my Super PC Rodney Hampton. I was hoping that this years edition would do the same.

But, nope. No Rodney Hampton this time around. It makes me wonder if Panini will include him in any of this years products. Hopefully if someone finds that info out for me, they will let me know.

Either way, here in my hands right now resides a box of 2020 Legacy football and I am ready to rip it. I will hold off on the breakfast in the meantime, I will just sip away on my coffee until I am done.

*the first few sips, time to rip*

Every hobby box of 2020 Panini Legacy football comes with 16 packs of 8 cards each. Boxes should have two autographs, some parallels and run in price about $135 which is one of the cheaper boxes for football you can find.

This years base set for Legacy hasn't changed up too much staying with a bigger bordered set, single focused on the player with action photography.
Here is the front of a base card.

The back of the base card

The overall base set has 200 cards in it and is broken down to 100 veterans

60 legends (this was where Rodney came in last year but this year is replaced by Tiki Barber and Lawrence Taylor)

and 40 rookies. This is my first Xavier McKinney for my Giants. I think he will have a good career. Overall in this box break though, there wasn't a lot of top talent rookies I landed. McKinney was second best to Herbert.

Just like last years edition, Legacy came loaded with a variety of parallels.

Here is a breakdown of them,
Parallel cards for the base include, Red /299, Orange /199, Yellow /150, Green /100, Blue /50, Indigo /25, Violet /10, and Black 1/1.

Green /100

Yellow /150

Red /299

Orange /199

The Base Premiums are a parallel set that has it's own set of parallels. This years Premiums are all rookies, so no veteran content in the base premiums.

They have the following parallels,
Silver, Bronze /100, Ruby /75, Sapphire /35, Gold /25, Diamond /10, and Platinum 1/1.
Not bad with a Love. I think this guy is going to be good.

Here is a silver parallel of Jonthan Taylor

New to this years product is Base Premium Edition minis. Yup, those hard to store mini's make their appearance in this years Legacy set.

They include the following parallels,
Emerald found only in Dare to Tear, Bronze /100, Ruby /75, Sapphire /50, Gold /25, Diamond /10, and Platinum 1/1.
SOLID! Bronze /100 of Justin Herbert

 And a Sapphire /50 of Cole Hmet.

*feels a little tired, stands up to stretch, heads back to the coffee maker as he sipped away all of his cup and grabs a fresh cup. Time to sit down and work on the inserts*

Along with the base, Base Premiums and Mini Base Premiums, the inserts have their own set of parallels too. You can find the following, Green /100, Blue /50, Indigo /25, Violet /10, and Black 1/1.
For The Ages. Those throwback players who dominated. There are 20 cards in this set to collect

 I even found a green parallel of the great John Riggins

Lasting Legacies has those special players who will forever be known on those teams. 20 of them to collect as well.

Timeless Talents has 20 cards to chase and it's those one of a kind players who are overly talented at what they do on the field.

Record Breaker has 30 cards to collect and specifically focuses on those records that are tough to break

Fan Favorites is only a 10 card set, but is by far my favorite of the group. Great action photography shot of a player celebrating among the fans. The card being put in landscape captures this moment as a TV screen.

Under The Lights has the biggest insert chase of them all with 40 cards to seek out. I pulled MVP Lamar Jackson. It will be interesting to see how he fairs in 2020.

*takes a gulp of coffee, moves onto the hits*

There are two autographs to find in this box and can be anything from rookies to veterans to legends so it always keeps you on your feet.
I pulled a Under The Lights autograph of Cole Hmet, must be a Hmet hot box

And La'Mical Perine autograph Futures Patch card. I liked the look of these last year and even more so this year.

 *final few sips before this review is over*

This was a fun box break overall. I like seeing the base card photography, always enjoy the chrome cards and the hits can be such a variety it will be interesting to see what you find.

The mini's bring a nice touch but what I really wanted to see was the Dare To Tear program. It's just like the Rip Cards for Topps but Dare To Tear was introduced in the late 90's by Pinnacle and hasn't been around in some time. Just like with a rip card, I didn't pull a Dare To Tear card so I have never had to make that tough decision of having to rip a card or not. I still don't think I would.

The price point is solid right now in comparison to other releases out there and with a solid checklist you could find this to be a steal.

*done typing and touching cards, time for breakfast with this second cup*

Ratings (ratings based on 1-5 🍵)

Design 🍵🍵
Photography 🍵🍵
Inserts 🍵🍵🍵
Hits 🍵🍵🍵
Price 🍵🍵🍵🍵
Value 🍵🍵🍵


  1. OMG that Cole Kmet Auto is nice along with Jonathan Taylor Parallel. I like the Product more this year than last year. The Under The Lights insert is the Best Insert this year

  2. nice box good mix and I see Giant for you so that doesn't hurt either.....

  3. The Fan Favorites cards are pretty cool. I like the Largent too. Glad to see he's still popping up in modern day products.

  4. I feel like the guts of a good product are here, but it just gets trampled in the release schedule. Solid box overall.

  5. Legacy is nice! Glad I don't collect football!

  6. RUFFCUT eloquently sums up my reaction!

  7. John Riggins was the man. Love that UF auto. Such a great scheme

  8. I like the format/font for the Rookie cards

  9. Legacy is a great product for a decent price.

  10. I love the college uniforms because it harkens back to Press Pass a bit and I loved that brand. Also, some very fun inserts, and overall retro feel.

  11. Lots of your guys in here! Giants, TD and all

  12. Thanks for the preview - love all the legends added to the rookies - that patch auto is 🔥🔥. Just not a fan of minis. They are hard to store.

  13. Cool mix! I also like the Legends > Rookies

  14. While Legacy isn't my favorite brand I do like the looks of these. Not a bad box at all!

  15. I’ve seen some nice stuff come out on some breaks

  16. How nice are those rookies cards? They have an Allen & Ginter feel to them.


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