Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Retro Cup: Double Trouble

Blogger intro: I have spoiled you readers this week with a fourth consecutive post day. Enjoy it while you can, I can't post every day on here as it is very time consuming to write/create this posts. Some of these even take two days to prepare and up to a few hours.
*woke up starving, grabs a cup of coffee than a treat from the microwave to go along with it. Oh yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhh this is the life. Now time for Cards Over Coffee*

Do you ever just bake a pan of brownies at home and make a brownie sundae for no reason? There wasn't a birthday to celebrate or Fourth Of July celebration or retirement party, you did it just because you wanted some?

Yup. I did. And it was ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzing.

The toppings have to be just right for me though and possibly lethal to some that even look at it.

You got that right Wilford Brimley, this is definitely diabeetus in a bowl. A brownie, you can barely see, topped with chocolate syrup, peanut butter drizzle, M&M's, a few cherries, whipped cream (though I prefer Cool Whip) and the biggest and best Double Trouble combo in here, Heath bar against the brownie. I am drooling just thinking about it all over again.

Of course I am also picturing my grandmother looking down on me and shaking her head as she always did when it came to sugary things. You see, she had diabetes herself so anytime I had sugar she would take it away. One year she took my entire Halloween basket of candy away and stuck it in her fridge only allowing me to have one piece a week. Well, sorry gram, I snuck a few pieces while you were napping a couple of times. Well, every time you napped. Love ya!

Wanna know what else is Double Trouble?
Those leftover brownies the next morning with coffee. Which makes the perfect snack when I am typing up Cards Over Coffee. Other than a few crumbs, that I sometimes feel like licking up like a dog would, it doesn't leave the mess that the bagel does.

It's nice not having to wipe butter off from the keyboard halfway through this post.

*takes another bite of brownie, some crumbs fall, leaves them for now and sips his coffee. Time to bring the card portion into this post*

*(Wilford Brimley again whispering....diabeetus....)

In 1994-1995, Fleer created a Double Trouble insert set that fell 1:5 packs. The checklist was full of dominating players, just like how my brownie sundae dominated my wives, that could do it all over the court with their multi-skills.

There are 10 cards overall in the set and The Diamond King passed along six of them for my collection.
Alonzo Mourning, Jamal Mashburn and Reggie Miller make up these three. Man, I hated when the Knicks had to play the Pacers. It felt Reggie always saved his best efforts at MSG and beating the Knicks.

Latrell Sprewell and Derrick Coleman. Looks like Spree didn't choke on this dunk.. ;)

And my boy Patrick. I still rank him as one of the greatest Knicks ever to wear the uniform.

The backside of these cards show what the card number is along with a write up that describes what makes them a Double Trouble candidate.

I am not sure I will chase down the final four cards, though it doesn't include MJ which is a bit of a surprise. But, being this close, it's very tempting.

*final bite of brownie, second cup of coffee in hand, let's tie this post up*
*(Wilford Brimley again in my other ear whispering.....diabeetus*)

Before I close up this post, even though I made a few jokes about Diabetes in this post, the disease itself is no joke. It runs in my family and yes I do get checked whenever I can to make sure I won't be it's next victim. If left untreated or unaware, Diabetes can shut down and take over so many parts of your body and possibly lead to death. So to keep research going and keeping people aware of this disease, I suggest you go check out the American Diabetes Association website and make a donation to them. 

Also thanks to Wilford Brimley for all of his years of making awareness for Diabetes. I actually have been seeking out an autograph card of his from Leaf for a couple of years. It would be a good memory piece to have for my childhood PC.

*Another sip of coffee*

In the end, I know we can all agree that coffee is good, these cards were great and that the middle piece is always the better piece of brownie. Sorry you corner brownie loving fans, if I wanted something hard and crunchy to have with coffee, I would have eaten a scone or gnawed on a rock.


  1. Your Diabetes delight looks amazing!

  2. "It's nice not having to wipe butter off from the keyboard halfway through this post." Hah! Too funny. I'm sure many people who are temporarily working from home these days are looking at their keyboards and nodding in agreement.

  3. I just finished dinner... and a warm brownie would definitely hit the spot. I've never made them before, but I have baked cookies for no other reason than I was craving them.

    1. I think those kind of foods are just comforting to have once in awhile

  4. Not sure I remember these double troubles but man they packed a lot of picture into those cards.......


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