Friday, November 12, 2021

Getting Ready For The Holidays

*takes a sip on this dark dreary rainy day. At least it hasn't really snowed yet...though this is the time of year I enjoy it when it leads up to Christmas.*

Is it just me or does it feel this year Christmas has arrived earlier than usual. Black Friday sales all month, Christmas candy out at the end of October and gift giving commercials on in the middle of October. I love Christmas and all, but, even that's a little extreme for me.

Then of course there are holiday related cards. I haven't seen any Topps Holiday out in the wild, but last week I did find myself in front of a fresh case of 2021 Donruss football holiday I couldn't stay away from. Not because it's Christmas related, but because I haven't found any Donruss or NFL football cards on the shelves in months.

So I was able to grab one as that's all my budget allowed, though I wanted so many more.

*takes a sip, begins to rip*

Each blaster box of 2021 Donruss Holiday cards comes with 88 cards. There is also one Holiday Rookie Sweater card and one holiday Optic Preview card. 

Outside of the Holiday Sweater Relic and the Holiday Optic Preview card, the product layout is the same as regular Donruss.


I do wished they had holiday spiced it up some. Add some snowflakes, make the base set red and green borders, anything. Make this a separate product.

Same goes with the inserts.

I would have preferred some holiday themed ones.

How about,
Lighting It Up-cards with Christmas lights as a backdrop
Holiday Special-Red and Green Cracked ice cards
Christmas Vacation-Cards featuring players at the Pro Bowl with Christmas Tree borders

Something among those lines. If you are going to call it Donruss holiday, make it that way.

At least they do have the following two holiday themed cards to find within.
Optic Preview Holiday Parallel. These look great.

Holiday Rookie Sweaters. The only disappointing part about these, they are the same design as last year. I was hoping for a new look especially after completing the set last year.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

This was still a fun rip, but would be more fun if Panini took my advice on this. I like what Topps does with it's holiday product even though they could use some holiday themed inserts as well but they at least do a nice job with the base cards which separates them from the flagship products.

Let me know your thoughts on this product and if you agree that these holiday products should be a separate product from the regular version of it. Would also appreciate what insert names you would come up with.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. The title of this product does seem to be misleading. I wonder too if they didn't change the design on the relics because they know the end is coming, or if it's because they were just that lazy with this release.


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