Saturday, February 13, 2021

Coffee Break:2021 Topps Series 1 Hobby Box

*sitting in the kitchen next to the heater thinking about warm thoughts while it currently sits at -15*

I can feel, smell it and even taste it. Yes it has a taste. Baseball is on it's way and nothing kicks off the baseball season like Topps Series 1. Once that product has released, you know we are heading in the right direction.

For me it's not just about baseball starting, some warm weather would be nice as well.

*takes a sip, begins to rip*

Every hobby box of 2021 Topps Series 1 comes with 24 packs of 14 cards. I like this format more than the 36 packs. Each box comes with either an autograph, relic card or an autograph relic. Most likely, at least in my past breaks, you will find a relic. Boxes go anywhere between $125-$150 per.

Also inside of each hobby box are the Hobby Exclusive silver parallels,
Each of the silver parallel cards use the 1986 Topps design and comes with 4 cards

*takes another sip to do another rip*

There are 100 cards overall to collect and you can also find the following parallels (along with autographs as well)

The parallels are,
Blue /150, Green /99, Purple /75, Gold /50, Orange /25, Red /5, SuperFractor 1/1.

The base set consists of 330 cards.

The front of those cards have a Topps 70th silver logo instead of the typical Topps logo. The design is bordered this year and brings a new design to the table. I think more Bowman than Topps with it.

I was a little disappointed with this years lack of action photography compared to the past few years.

Card back.

The base set consists of veterans, rookies and the subsets as Rookie Cup, Future Stars, League Leaders, and World Series Highlights.

Rookie Cup


League Leaders

Future Stars

World Series Highlights

Team cards


There was even some "mask" cards involved as part of the Covid-19 Pandemic. I think it's an important part of MLB history to include cards with pictures like these.

The images say it all.

There are many parallels to chase in Series 1 including, Royal Blue, Rainbow Foil, Gold Foil, Gold /2021, Green /499, Advanced Stat /300, Orange /299, Red /199, Vintage Stock /99, Independence Day /76, Black /70, Platinum Anniversary /70, Mother’s Day /50, Father’s Day /50, Memorial Day /25, 70th Anniversary 1/1, and Printing Plates 1/1.

I pulled 3 rainbow foils in my break. These fall 1:10 packs. I always liked this parallel.

Gold /2021. These are pretty much impossible to find compared to past years. Only one in my box and the odds of finding them now are 1:27 packs. Good luck in any rainbow chases this year.


There are 100 cards to seek out in the 1986 Topps 35th anniversary set. These seem to be one of the easier inserts to find falling at 1:4 packs.

They also have the following parallels, Blue, Black /299 (1:589 odds in Bregman), Platinum Anniversary /70, Red /10, and Gold 1/1.

70 years of Topps has well....70 cards in it to chase. These fall 1:11 packs.

Stars In Service falls 1:30 packs. There are 25 cards to collect in these as well.

Platinum Players falls 1:30 packs. There are 25 players to collect in this die cut set. I hope they bring this insert to chrome, bet it looks amazing.

Topps Through The Years insert 1:25. Many are complaining about this insert because many are posting and claiming these as autographs. I do get this kind of insert as they were celebrating the many cards in their 70 years but I understand the frustration.

There are 30 in this set to collect.
Home Run Challenge falls 1:24 packs

For the first time in...well...ever...I didn't pull a relic card
Major League Material relic auto /50 of Josh Bell

I enjoyed breaking this while sipping on my cup of coffee. Prices are a little steep right now for a hobby box so honestly I would stick to retail and hope for the best from that. What I always look for in Series 1 is the newest rookies and pc players for my collection so I can easily acquire those in retail as long as you are able to find some.

I do like the overall look and the theme for this years product though.

*takes a final sip, definitely making another to keep myself warm. Time to think warm thoughts and baseball.....and more 2021 baseball card releases*

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  1. It's -15 where you are? And I thought it was cold here. I mean, 21 degrees is pretty frigid for Texas, but -15 is serious stuff.

    I'm not much of a fan of the 2021 Topps design. It looks like another year wandering in the desert of meh designs.

    If gold is 1:27 packs, then my calculations say there are 18,007,110 packs, or 252,099,540 cards. It looks like in 2014, gold fell 1:9 packs in Series 1. Second over-production era, it seems. If MLB has a strike, it's possible modern cards which will just tumble down, like they did in 1994. Hope not.

    1. -15 isn't even the coldest it gets here....

  2. Congratulations on pulling the autographed relic. I'm soaking in these 2021 Topps posts, since I have no plans on purchasing any. That being said... I might go out and grab the 86T Henderson. Nice to see him featured in an A's uniform on an 1986 card design.

    1. I set that aside for you so don't buy it. It's yours!

  3. Yeah, no kidding, the box price is nuts for what you get.

    The 1986 inserts are the only happy little part of the break (beside the Dodgers, of course). I think that design has been a bit ignored by Topps recently. The bad part about it is I know the 1987 design is coming (again) next year, and they just hit us with that design a bunch a few years ago.

    1. I think Topps is trying to capture "hip" designs for the youngsters by doing these type of designs. Definitely not what they used to be

  4. Can I trade you for the Miggy card?

  5. I've seen a number of people mention that they like seeing cards of masked players... I am not one of them!

    1. I think it just captures what that season was about, not that any of us want to remember 2020 or even the start of 2021 having to wear those stupid things lol

  6. Thanks for the rundown! Stay warm and congrats on that auto relic!

  7. If you are interested in parting with any of the 86 inserts, especially the Bregman, or the rainbow Wade Davis, email me. I've got a ton of trade stuff that might interest you.

  8. Thank you for the heads up, what to look for in S1


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