Thursday, February 18, 2021

Turning The Page

*takes a sip of afternoon coffee, nothing pairs better with afternoon coffee then a snack. Wonder if I have any cookies kicking around...*

I have been finding myself in a new mood with the hobby in the past two weeks. 

That craving, that needing, that wanting to open up packs of cards has suddenly started to diminish. It wasn't something I ever expected to occur, but it has.

The rising cost of hobby boxes/packs along with the retail madness has finally started getting to me. I started to look deeper within my-hobbyself , let's just say visited the inner Mr.Hobbyagi (wax sealed, wax opened) and started seeing those hankerings for a rip starting to dissipate.

How do I know this is true? Opportunities. I have had a few opportunities recently to have something to open but decided against it.

A few examples,
  • On Twitter, a guy had a blaster and a hanger pack of 2019-2020 Optic basketball up for trade in exchange for Aaron Judge rookie, numbered or autograph cards. Knowing I don't collect baseball as deep as I used to, I considered giving up some decent Judge cards for them but never followed through. I decided to keep my Aaron Judges instead.
  • My father found some 2021 Topps Series 1 baseball cards at Walmart and for a Patrick Mahomes card I could have opened some. Once again, I said no.
  • And I was recently offered an opportunity to open a 2020 Panini Playbook Mega Box in exchange for a few Luis Robert cards and I once again politely declined.
I am not sure what has changed in me, but I didn't feel like giving up cards for packs and would rather turn those trade bait cards into Eli Manning or other cards I need for my personal collection instead of ripping.

WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME?!! Did someone pour something in my coffee? Slip a little something in my turnover or sprinkle something on my bagel?

I hope this never happens to me with coffee. What happens if I have an opportunity for a coffee but take an orange juice or even's sister.....tea?

I doubt that will ever happen unless a doctor informs me I can't have coffee and that will be a very cold day know....Vermont.

Does this mean if a pack heads my way from someone I won't open it? Of course I will! That would just be plain silly if I didn't. I mean, the itch won't ever completely go away but it's definitely more subtle recently.

*takes a sip, thinks about the possibility of making a list of available cards for trade to see what I could land for them on here.*

Speaking of pack rips and one that headed my way, I was able to land a pack of 2019-2020 NBA Hoops Premium roughly a month or more ago from Facebook and have kept it sitting in drafts on here. I think with today's post it is time to finally post it.

2019-2020 NBA Hoops Premium was and still is a very popular product. Its another one of those take a base flagship product and throw some chromium technology on it. It was one I really wanted to open, but knew none would be found here (which turned out true) so was able to at least acquire one to open.

So if you haven't seen any yet or you are curious how I did, you know what we must do next.

*takes a sip, begins to rip*

There are 15 cards inside a hanger pack of 2019-2020 NBA Hoops Premium.

Those 15 cards are broken down to two packs. One pack of 12 cards and one 3-card pack of Lazer parallels. As always, I will save the best pack, the parallels, for last just like the Boston Cream donut in an assorted pack from Dunkin'.

*takes a sip, begins to rip the 12 card pack*
Here are first 7 base cards with not a lot of star power. Leading the way is Draymond and Danny Green.

The next two cards are rookies in Cody Martin and Jaylen Nowell. In my mind I picture Zion and Morant.

Chris Paul Tribute silver prizm was the next card. Always appreciate a shiny card.

Juan Hernangomez, try saying that last name fast five times, Green Prizm

So far...Paul is the biggest name. Let's hope the rest of this break gets better.
Nassir Little We Got Next Blue Prizm is the final card in the 12 card pack. I like the look of these.

Now onto the 3-card parallel pack of Lazer Prizms.

*takes a sip, begins to rip*
First card, Eric Bledsoe. At least a name I know.

Langston Galloway. Who?

And to end...a nice PC find in a Tribute RJ Barrett!! Best card of the break.

Even though the pack wasn't very strong, unlike this cup of coffee, I still had a lot of fun and would open another if a pack ever headed my way or I actually found some here. I won't trade for any though. For now, I am satisfied with being able to open one.

*finishes up first cup of coffee and already brewing the second cup*

I sure hope my new mode in the hobby continues. I feel idiotic now for some of the trades I made just to land some packs to open. I could have landed some solid cards for my collection but instead opened some packs that mainly had no impact for my personal collection. A little too late now, but at least some lessons were learned.

All I can say is picture that stick figure meme with Don't Be Like and here is what it would say,

This is Matt.

Matt trades good cards for packs to open. 

Matt could have landed specific cards for his collection but didn't.

Don't be like Matt.


  1. That's kind of interesting that people are using unopened wax as trade bait. I like it. Wouldn't necessarily participate myself... but it's cool that collectors have found another way to make trades.

    1. Some of those guys who trade do it for what they paid, others you have to bend a little more if you want something to open

  2. Good post. I haven't opened many packs over the last couple years, and I miss them, but while it's fun actually opening the packs, you're generally left with a pile of cards you don't care about.

    By the way, thanks for switching to a white font. The brown-on-brown was hard to read, but this is very readable.

    1. I need to fix my replies to that as well. I can't see my replies in the white

  3. Love the Karate Kid reference! Congrats on the new, shiny RJ!

  4. I'm with you haven't opened anything new in ages not paying over priced amounts for the unknown..... I'm as you know making trades & if buying getting PC stuff, Autographs or HOF autographs I believe the industry is out of control and over producing cards unlike in the 80's-90's when made millions of every card now there are just millions of sets subsets parallels to the point where you can't even collect one player if you wanted to let alone a team....... so I'm done with boxes and will trade or buy what I want and not the lottery of trying to pull it.

    1. The Powerball ticket can be good and bad. Mostly bad for me so far and regretting some of the cards I gave up for it

  5. Trading good cards for lottery packs doesn't seem like a good practice, and I honestly don't understand why anyone would do it.

    1. It's not and that's why I won't do it anymore. I can say that for now but if that itch comes back I fear what they may do. But for now, I am staying away.


Cards and coffee go together like PB&J, so don't you and leaving a comment below. Take a sip and let me know your thoughts!