Saturday, February 20, 2021

Happy Meal

*takes a sip of cup number 3 this morning and already had breakfast. Time to kick it into high gear to try and get the latest Cards Over Coffee post going*

The Card Pandemic as I sometimes refer to it as, has reached new crazy heights in the hobby. With the craze of everything retail selling out, both sports and Pokemon cards, the flippers have found a new outlet....McDonalds.

No they aren't buying double cheeseburgers or short printed McDonald's Ice Cream sundaes (as the joke always goes their machines are always broken) to sell, they are buying Happy Meals. You know, that treat you had as a kid that you now probably buy your own kids is now being bought up by flippers.

Why? Well, this year McDonald's is helping celebrate 25 Years Of Pokemon by inserting 4 card Pokemon packs in their Happy Meals as the toy this time around and flippers are buying up all of the packs. I assume they are buying them as extra toys, and not a bunch of meals, which you are allowed to do but some McDonalds across the country are running low. Not only running low, but from pictures I have seen on Twitter they are even limiting the amount of Happy Meals bought by a family and not allowing people to buy extra toys on the side as well so they won't run out.

I think this is a tad ridiculous and that flippers have gone off the deep end at this point. When you see the phrase "save some for the kids" it literally is meant in this case.

*takes a sip of frustration of what the the hobby has turned into*

I don't know a lot about Pokemon myself, but was curious about what these entitled and wanted to show it off to you guys as well in case you haven't seen them.

So I ordered a meal.

Let's start with the outside of the box. Full on Pokemon.

Side of the box as well. Notice the Pikachu head with the 25 inside of it representing the 25 years of Pokemon logo.

In the middle, the goods. And a package of Pokemon. I went McNuggets and two fries sides here.

This is what holds the Pokemon pack inside of the Happy Meal.

You open it up to see the pack tucked inside.

The pack I pulled out to open and found it interesting that the packaging of it was more like a paper substance than foil. 

*takes a sip, begins to rip. Literally you can rip it because it was easy to open with the paper-type wrapper*

Like I said, I don't know much about Pokemon other than Pikachu and that's only by name.

Each pack comes with 4 cards and one of those foil cards will be a holo card.
First card, Torchic. Note the 25 Pokemon logo on the card.



And my holo card is a Chikorita

The entire run of the set is 25 cards and 25 matching holos that make up a 50 card set. Guess it makes sense to have two 25 card reproduction sets for a 25 year anniversary.

*takes a sip before closing*

My final review, the food was good, the fries were actually on point this time being crispy and not mushy like they can be at my local Mc D's. I replaced the soda with a shake because I gave up soda years ago and they are a cause for kidney stones. Oh, you wanted to hear about the cards. Yeah, those were cool to.

I have said this for years, but I would love to see an adult Happy Meal. Imagine one this year and it comes with 4 card packs of 70th anniversary Topps baseball cards? Yes! Sign me up.

Of course things like that comes with the risk of flippers. You darn flippers are everywhere! You can clean off retail shelves, but please leave the Happy Meals alone both adult and kid versions.


  1. took me a second to realize the red cheeks on pikachu were the 2 & 5 for 25 logo lol shows how old I really am.......

    1. Haha. I didn't spot it until this post! haha

  2. It wouldn't surprise me if flippers haven't already reached out to McDonald's managers and worked out some deals. I'm kinda craving some fries today... but collectors in my area don't have to worry about me... I won't be grabbing a Happy Meal.

    1. I am sure there were some behind the scenes to be found.

  3. I know it’s ridiculous, but fortunately my local McD’s is one of those that isn’t allowing ‘extra toys’ to be purchased. My girls are happy that I’ve been able to take them on 2 occasions with no issue since the promo started. Hopefully we’ll be back a few more times before they run out.

    1. I hope you are able to grab some more. Crazy how far this hobby has gone now. Probably people lined up outside mcdonalds waiting for it to open for lunch

  4. Its a shame ... My daughter's mom text me about the cards cuz our little one likes Pokemon and the next day she texts me to say they were sold out all 3-5 McDonald's around us completely sold out in one day ... Completely unreal

    1. Sorry to hear that. It's completely unfair especially for the kids

  5. Pokemon? Actually makes me miss the Power Rangers posts :)

    1. Don't worry, Pokemon is over lol. I can't promise that with Power Rangers.

  6. My kids wanted some of these Happy Meals as their Valetine's Day dinner. I was lucky enough to score 3 sets for my kids and they all got different Pokemon, but we didn't get the coveted Pikachu! Nice score!!!!

    1. That's great! I was surprised to find Pikachu myself!


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