Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Remember When These Were $1?

GOOOOOOODDD MORNING COFFEE CARD LOVING PEOPLE!!! Who out there is ready for a NEW Cards Over Coffee?? Yes, I see you giving me a thumbs up. If your cup is in front of you, I tip my cup to you and toast.

I will take a sip and we will get on with today's post.

It was over seven years ago when I made a purchase that I didn't realize would shock the hobby world now, I picked up three 1997 Precious Metal Gems for $1 each.

You read that right, $1 each.

The only thing today you can get for $1 that's decent is coffee from McDonalds and even that isn't spot on all of the time.

I had found a seller on eBay back then who was unloading a bunch of 90's rare inserts such as Cramers Choice Awards, Mirror Golds and Precious Metal Gems. The advantage for me was the fact I was able to bid on these cards with no competition, so they all ended at $1 with my one bid.

These were inserts and parallels I chased throughout my childhood but never had success in pulling them. So, I did what most unlucky collectors do, I found the cheapest version I could add of the cards.

Let's take a look at the three I purchased.
Bert Emanuel. There is some very minor chipping on the card, which is expected, but overall, this is still a sharp card.

Back of the card.

This card graded currently had sales of $202 and $400.

Up next, Nilo Silvan. Still a player I don't know.
Nilo may be the PMG I have in the best shape.

This one had an eBay sale back in March of $197.50 raw.

And finally, I pulled a lot of cards of this player but never a PMG.
Eric Moulds. Once again, not too much chipping or damage on the card.

The back is in pretty good shape as well. Don't mind the S in sharpie. That was written on the penny sleeve this is in. I couldn't put myself into taking them out of the penny sleeves and toploaders they were in.

This one had sales of $310 and $351 in March and May. The $310 was for a raw copy like mine.

It amazes me sometimes how much the hobby has changed since I got into it. I am glad I picked up the cards and completed the sets I wanted to while I could because there is no way I could afford to do that now. Which is why a lot of my fun projects I put on hold.

When it comes to the cards above, yes, I could make a spectacular profit from them, but I choose not to. These cards have more meaning to me than money ever will.

Comments and thoughts on my Precious Metal collection is welcomed below.

I need to finish my cup of coffee and get started on the day.

Coffee Card Blogger Out.


  1. Attractive cards. I'll give you ten bucks for the trio, so you can more than triple your money and get yourself a breakfast sandwich with some hash browns to go along with that coffee.

  2. If times get tough I think you can part with that Nilo, haha. Great pick ups!


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