Thursday, May 26, 2022

The State Of The Hobby: Card Supplies

I sure hope you have your coffee mug ready and are sitting down to read the latest Cards Over Coffee post because here we go!!

The State Of The Hobby series is back again. 

There are still many parts of the hobby I am hoping to tackle after everything has changed the past two years.

Today we discuss Card Supplies.

Along with not finding retail card products, the rising costs of cards in general, it should have been expected that card supplies would be next.

Not only was there and still is a shortage on some items, but prices rose as well. It was near impossible to find toploaders and penny sleeves most days and some versions of those items are still out of stock for months. Keep in mind that Toploaders and Penny Sleeves are just an examples, there were many other items that were impossible to find as well and not just from BCW.

Things got so tough, that BCW even had to put up a Back-Order to let customers know it could be a while on some of their favorite items. Especially since there are some items still on backorder until August or later.

Keep in mind, BCW is once again just an example. All supply companies felt the heat from this.

This is just another frustrating part being a part of the hobby the last couple of years. Hopefully things will change soon for the better. Luckily for me, I don't mind reusing old supplies I have had kicking around for years so I am all set for awhile and not having to battle like a lot of collectors are.

Thoughts on card supplies, what you have struggled to find or what you have noticed has gone up in price welcomed in comments.

I tip my mug to you all as a thanks for coming to read today's post on this fine Thursday. I need to finish up this cup and grab another soon before my day fully begins.

Coffee Card Blogger Out.


  1. I was very fortunate to hit up the wholesaler a few months before the start of the pandemic and stocked up big time on top loaders and plastic slider boxes. And since I've really cut back on purchases, these will probably last me several years. I also purchased a case of 9 pocket pages that is almost half gone. The one thing I didn't grab were cardboard storage boxes. I recently wrote about my recent trip to the LCS and the expensive price I paid for these boxes.

  2. I need new binders and pages, hope to get some soon. Gotta have them, so, I'll get what I can.

  3. Wish shipping binders wasn't such a pain. I have tons of free ones, (unless you only use UltraPros). I keep my clean penny sleeves and toploaders too, so I won't run out for a while.


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