Thursday, May 12, 2022

This Is Us

*drags self out of bed, gets coffee and tries to get motivated to finally finish this post that was started four days ago*

*takes a sip and begins*

This has been a long week so far in my household. Multiple Covid positives including myself this morning, so I am lagging on doing posts on here. Just hope you guys haven't missed me too much.

Despite how cruddy I sound, at least there is always coffee to help push me through.

And cards.

And television.

*takes a sip*

I have watched a lot of TV shows over the years, but none have pulled me in more than This Is Us.

This is the one show I countdown to seeing every week, it's just too bad it is ending soon with only two episodes left.

Usually I am not someone for "touchy feely" kind of shows, but this one has me turning in my "man card" because of the incredible writing involved. It's a show like no other I have ever seen.

The series follows the lives and families of two parents, 
Jack, played by Milo Ventimiglia

And Rebecca, played by my long time crush (hope my wife isn't reading this) Mandy Moore.

Along with the lives of their three children spread across several different time frames.

It's a show that brings you on a roller-coaster of emotions as you watch the lives of each character develop over the years and the situations they are both in and come from. So many twists and turns along the way as well.

The show is currently in its 6th and last season, and I am not ready to see it go. I feel there is a lot more to the story that could be written, but I have heard that the writers have always planned on the show ending in 6 seasons.

I just hope they can end the show properly. I have yet to watch a show finale I was happy with.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

As with most TV shows or cartoons that have been a part of my life, I try to tie cards or signed items into it. Above, I got the Milo in a trade long before I knew who he was and the Moore I got recently from Wes for Christmas. I hope to add autographs from both of them some day as well.

When it comes to rest of the cast, I am not sure if any of them have cards. I may have to look it up some day and add them if they do.

Thoughts on This Is Us and if you watch it is welcomed in comments. I suggest if you don't watch it, to WATCH IT.

Also let me know if you collect cards from some of your favorite shows.

Have a thankful Thursday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. My wife was a huge fan of the show in the early goings, and I swear it made her cry every episode. She fell behind on the episodes and never caught up. I couldn't get into it, although I will admit the acting is incredible.

    1. A lot of people cry after every episode, I guess I have a hardened heart lol. HOwever, I wished I was some of those characters

  2. Would love to find a box or two of those PopCardz...

  3. Yeah, I'm a big fan of the show. Oddly Kate's relationship with her parents rings very, very true to my relationship with mine, albeit with the genders reversed which I guess makes sense (i.e. since I'm a guy I related to my Mom the way she did to her Dad, if that makes sense).

    My wife asked me last night what I was hoping would be addressed in the remaining two episodes, and I really have no idea. But sure hope it does the series justice.

    1. I sure hope they can. So far the writing has been superb and Mandy has admitted it ends great, but guess we will see

  4. I recall seeing trailers for the show but usually I don't do dramas [except for Ozarks or The Good Place]. As for shows with cards I once bought a pack from the show Parks and Rec. One day I'll try to make a serious run at that set.

    1. I do like NCIS, CSI kind of dramas but nothing like this usually. The acting, the story unfolding is what got me hooked

  5. Haven't seen it, but my best friend was talking about it last night. She's at the age where she's taking care of her mom... and it won't be long before my siblings and I will be taking care of my father. Sounds like the show deals with this topic.

    As for favorite shows, a lot of the shows I enjoyed watching over the years did end up with trading card sets: Three's Company, Battlestar Galactica (old and new), Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and The Big Bang Theory. But there's one glaring absence: Seinfeld.

    1. Yes, that is spot on about your best friends situation.

      I know!! When will there ever be Seinfeld cards??? Sadly now some of the characters have passed on

  6. I haven't watched a current show in probably ten years, so obviously I haven't seen this one.

    As for collecting cards of people from my favorite shows, well, I feel like that's all my last couple of Penny Sleeve posts have been about. And unfortunately, probably, for most folks, I'll be doing another one next week.

  7. Hope you and the family are on the mend from Covid!


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