Sunday, December 10, 2023

Family Matters

*sits down, takes a sip, turns on Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee*


It's what Christmas is all about.

Most of my fondest memories around Christmas are the moments I have spent with family.

When I was younger, it was spending time with my grandmother who would play all of the classic Christmas songs on the radio and would dance to them. Part of the reason I chose the Brenda Lee song to play while I type this. I can still remember her dancing and singing along, makes my heart warm.

Or the one time my parents got me something other than underwear and a notebook and surprised me with a couple Darkwing Duck figures.

Or when I was a bit older after I got married, and my wife and I would play guess what I got you under the tree.

Or a little later in our marriage, where we would go to the local Christmas Eve service at Church, then have my nephew, sister-in-law, the parent in-laws over to do stocking gifts and watch Christmas Vacation while eating cookies and drinking cocoa.

Or a few years after that, the family expanding and having to do four Christmases -similar to the movie-where we would have to host one and go to three others. One of those four was my favorite because we would all order takeout, play Balderdash and laugh all night long. It was a great time. Not that I didn't like Christmas number two with the amazing breakfast food.

To now where things have drastically changed. Family comes in sections since most have moved away. We no longer do Christmas on Christmas, no more Christmas Eve services or stocking gifts, no adult gifts, no breakfasts, and no game night. I know most of that sounds like things have gone downhill, but they really haven't. We all still have fun when we are all together.

Every little moment matters, and I try to treasure them all I can. The older I get, the more I realize all of this.

For me, around Christmas time, Family Matters and I hope it does for you as well.

In comments, I want to hear some of the things you do with family this time of year or your fondest memories.

*finishes up cup of coffee, turns off song, gets ready to close out post*

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. My fondest memories of Christmas were the ones from my childhood. I usually spend Christmas at my brother's house in the morning and my girlfriend's in the evening... with an occasional trip to Portland and Las Vegas. By the way... I totally agree with you that family matters. This year will be a rough one as my siblings and I will be spending our first without our parents. But at least we'll be together.

    1. For sure. Every moment matters and everyone brings a new memory

  2. Yes, family matters and it will change from year to year for many different reasons. Take it as it comes and keep a positive outlook no matter how it changes.


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