Thursday, July 15, 2021

Friends With Cards

*takes a lunchtime sip. Sips of coffee are good any time of the day. I have my latest round of cards from Cards Over Coffee reader Oren right next to me and I am ready to get the latest post up*

Little pieces of cardboard with pictures on it can be more than just that if you think about it deeper. They can symbolize joy, a hobby and even friendships.
I enjoy all three of those aspects and more within my little pieces of cardboard. The hobby has a lot of meanings to me, some deeper than others. But, one thing is for sure, I have enjoyed all of the friendships I have built because of the hobby especially since all of my "close friends" are no really so close.

One of those friendships I built was through email. This was a first one for me in my ten years of being apart of the online hobby community. Usually my email is the last place, besides Facebook, I try to start up any form of trading or interaction. I have gotten some funky requests over the years in my email that I usually don't respond to, but for some reason I felt good about the one Oren sent me and gambled. I am glad I did.

Not only have I acquired some excellent cards in our trades, but we have also created a solid friendship.

Speaking of our outstanding trades, we just made another and once again, it didn't disappoint.

*takes a sip of a dunkin' hot mocha that my wife just set down next to me, time to show off the goods from this trade*

There was a great mix of cards in this trade,
Alec Ogletree Purple Power /49

Mario Manningham Certified Potential

Lamar Jackson Thunder & Lightning (love the parallels in these)

Amani Toomer Stadium Club rookie (this is a picture of him as a kick returner which is how he got his foot going in NY)

Hakeem Nicks Bowman Chrome Rookie Refractor /99

Mark Brunell (side PC player) game worn relic from Gridiron Gear

Jerrel Jernigan Topps Precision red inked auto

I have always wanted one of these, 2001 Topps Super Bowl Bunting swatch. This fits perfect in my unique relic PC, this one just makes me sad. Super Bowl 35 was an embarrassment for the Giants I prefer not to go any deeper into. At least the relic is cool.

Believe it or not, this autograph had me hooked. Imagine how popular I would have been in 1998 carrying around this bad boy. I have been wanting autographs of guys like this and landed a Tim Couch auto not too long ago. I can finally cross Leaf off my Top 100 wants.

By the way, Ryan Leaf may have never turned his career around, he at least turned around his life after a rough stretch.

The final in this trade, but not really final card as I will get to that in a minute, is Vance McDonald Happy Holidays Santa Hat swatch for my Christmas PC.

*takes final sip of the Dunkin' coffee before finishing up today's post*

I did receive three other cards in this trade before I came on vacation, but didn't have time to upload them. I will include those in my next mail day posting from Oren which I know will be sooner rather than later.

So thanks again to Oren for the trade and I am looking forward to the next.

*takes a look around for something to eat, need to finish this up so I can grab something*

The hobby has provided me with an outlet in life when times get tough, just look at 2020 for example. Last year I started some new sorting projects, moved my card room around, traded away stuff I never wanted to and started to build sets again. It was a nice distraction which also helped me make some new friends through trading last year as well. The hobby has always been there for me and I have always been there for it and supporting others when I feel they need a pick-me-up. Who needs a stress relief ball when you have a piece of cardboard with someone's face on it to make connections..

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Hell yeah, Manningham and Toomer! Two of the greatest Giants ever.

  2. Seems like Leaf had his share of ups and downs, but glad to hear he's starting to turn his life around. Collecting cards has definitely helped me take my mind off of things when I'm overwhelmed... and I've been fortunate to make a few card collecting friends along my life's journey.

    1. Yes, card friends I have found are the best

  3. That Ryan Leaf auto is really fantastic!

  4. I love that you have a RAVENS Trent Dilfer relic in your collection! lol #SBXXXVChamps


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