Sunday, July 25, 2021

Jesus Saves!

*feeling energized this morning after a good nights sleep, coffee is hot and ready, I have a card next to me to discuss so it's time for some cards over coffee*

Last night I was finally able to get a good nights sleep after my family decided to randomly head back to Tennessee yesterday and were planning to drive the 20 hour trip straight through. I don't think I could have ever do that, but I commend them for doing so. We all got to say our goodbyes, shed a few tears and laughs one more time and they were off.

It's always hard to see family leave more-so now. I think if 2020 taught us anything, it was the power of family and how deeply important they are as you may never know when or if you will ever see them again. That's not an easy way to think of it, but it's the honest way.

With them off for a long trip, we did a few check-ins on them and took advantage of their departure and went to be before 9:30 last night. A good nights sleep is what I needed especially after two weeks of so little.

Today, I am refreshed and energized like someone had changed my Duracell battery. I am also very thankful today.

*takes a sip, continues on with today's post*

Growing up, you could say I didn't have the perfect life or the perfect parents leading by example. But, what I have always had is a heart and knowing there was more to life than what I was being shown. So I always believed there was more out there and someone watching over me.

It wasn't until I met my wife where I started to seek out more of those answers.

She had always been a lifelong Christian and talked to me about Jesus Christ and how he forgives us for our sins and is the only way we can get to heaven someday. So I started to read the Bible, go to church and have discussions with her. After awhile I realized maybe this is what I sought out my whole life.

So one night I got down on my knees next to my bed and asked Jesus into my heart and to forgive me for my sins. Ever since then, my life has changed and I have been beyond blessed.

When I saw that Project 2020 was coming out with a card featuring a Yankee, Mo Rivera the greatest closer of all-time and Jesus, it was a calling that I needed to have it and I was finally able to grab it.

If you didn't know, Mariano was a very devout Christian who wrote verses on his glove and could be seen reading the Bible before and after games.

This card overall is also very visually stunning,

The card captures a cross that has Jesus Saves and one of Mariano's favorite verses underneath his last name in Philippians 4:13: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

The back of the card discusses the usual stuff for Project 2020. I just appreciate that Don C went out of the usual on this card.

When Mariano Rivera retired, I believe he went on to chase his dream in ministry. He also devotes his time in a few charities that focus on children.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I don't talk a lot about my religion as I should. I prefer to show my love of Jesus through myself instead. I think if you are shown love, you should pass it on and show others love. Especially those who really need it. Sometimes a simple hello, how are you check in is better than nothing and you don't have to be religious to do that.

It's also not always easy to share religious discussions on blogs or social media though I do dive in occasionally. People are too easily offended in these times and if you say the wrong thing, who knows what happens. So I stepped out of my comfort zone today because I believe Jesus wanted me to and I will always take His side.

One more thing I want to note before closing, Rivera's favorite verse of the Bible is also mine as well because knowing that God is in control, you can do anything.

*takes the final sip of cup number one, Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Kudos to you for sharing some inspiration from the Bible. It's a shame that some folks seem to get offended over just about anything these days, but their bitterness shouldn't ever stop others from sharing some positivity and good news. Nice work.

  2. Replies
    1. I can't remember how much these run, I think $20?

  3. Even as a Red Sox fan, I can appreciate that Rivera card. Sharing your faith is always welcome. God bless!

  4. Wow. A 20 hour drive is impressive. I'm usually exhausted after the 8 to 9 hour drive down to Vegas. No way I could turn around and drive back up.

    As for religion... I don't mind seeing it pop up on blogs. There are a few bloggers who incorporate it into their posts which gives them personality.

    1. Yes this is actually the 3rd time this year my sister in law has taken that drive. She hates it lol. But it was the only way they could transport their dogs without paying an arm and leg for a flight.

  5. I don't consider myself to be a religious person per se, but have no problems with other people discussing their faith. I'm not sure why anyone would be offended by such a thing, but then again, I don't really understand why most people do the things that they do these days, so...

    1. Yes, if maple syrup and rice can offend I worry about my religion...


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