Saturday, July 10, 2021

The Future

*a day before vacation and all through house, not a creature was stirring, not even a...not sure what would be stirring in my house but hopefully not a mouse. My laptop is on my table with care, hoping the coffee I am drinking will not spill there. My cards are in hand, waiting for me to post them while doing a hand stand. Sorry, I won't be doing or never have attempted a hand stand. Enough with this trying to rhyme, it's cards over coffee time!*

Prospecting in the hobby has never been my thing.  I don't go all out and risk it all on one guy, but that doesn't mean occasionally I won't fall into a little hole especially when it comes to promising guys who play for our favorite baseball team.

*takes a sip being careful not to spill, instead I do because my cup is being a pill*

The name Jasson Dominguez has been floating around the baseball rookie cardsphere for a couple of years now. Prospectors are rejoicing for his cards and chasing all that they can hoping he can be everything that is promised of him. I on the other hand, just add what I can when I can without giving up my entire collection to do so. As I said, I don't bank on prospects and my collecting isn't for the money.

If Dominguez retired tomorrow, it wouldn't affect me.

*takes another sip*

The past couple of years I have been able to add a good handful to my collection via trading and am always seeking more. Here is what I have accumulated so far,


This last card I just acquired a short time ago from @Doug_E_B on Twitter and is by far my favorite card of this PC,
Panini baseball or not, this is a stunning card and one I continue to stare at.

Currently Jasson is playing for the Florida Complex League Yankees of the Rookie Level. He was selected to represent the Yankees in the 2021 Futures Game.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I am hopeful I can continue to add to this PC especially since I have condensed my baseball card collecting to just Jeter, Griffey Jr and Dominguez. Of course I will always PC 90's inserts, but those fall under my 90's inserts PC. There is a difference, I promise.

With vacation underway tomorrow, I am not sure if any more posts will be up for the rest of next week on here. Depends on if I have any down time and if the WiFi works there. Otherwise, new posts will be up the following week and in the meantime check out Matt's Wonderful Blog Of Hobbies.


  1. Impressive Jasson collection. Hope he starts hitting soon.

  2. Enjoy your vacation. As for Dominguez... I don't think I have a single card of his, but I'm okay with that.

  3. If he ends up doing what everyone hopes he does, you'll be sitting on a fortune!


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