Wednesday, July 28, 2021

They Are Catching On

*takes a sip of hot coffee, it was much hotter than I expected burning the middle of my tongue. Well, that's not the way to start the day but at least I have some good news to share. takes another sip more carefully*

It has taken over a good long year, but I think, #CardsOverCoffee is finally catching on.

Blog stats for July have been amazing for this blog. Comments are up, individual posts views and monthly views are way up. It's what I have been working hard on for a year and even though the numbers are not even close to Matt's Wonderful Blog Of Hobbies (Sport Card Collectors), it's still trending upward. Just hope after July it doesn't trend downward again.

Let's take a look at yesterday's stats alone. It set a daily high, and as you can see, this months stats are way surpassing the average (the last month has been where it's been at) and we still have a few days left to this month.

As a man known for enjoying numbers, this month has made me happy.

*takes another sip, begins to cook breakfast and type at the same time. yes, I can do that*

If you look back at the post title, it says they are catching on and not just it's catching on. That's because not only Cards Over Coffee that has grown in July, but so hasn't Big Blue Cardboard and Matt's Wonderful Blog Of Hobbies. Big Blue Cardboard has set all-time highs in daily and monthly views (also averages one comment a post which is a all-time high as well-thanks Fuji) and Matt's Wonderful Blog Of Hobbies (Sport Card Collectors) is having it's biggest daily and monthly views in 3 years. I am not sure if other bloggers are feeling this in July of 2021, but I know it has perked me up that's for sure when it comes to blogging.

*takes another sip, continues to work on breakfast*

Speaking of blogging, after reading comments on here and a few posts from other bloggers about their blogging subject, I have also decided to keep all three blogs chugging along and here is how they will pan out,
  • Matt's Wonderful Blog Of Hobbies- Continuing daily posts, Reviews, Breakin' Wax, Small Mail Days, Card Countdowns like the Summer Of Wes one, Random Card postings
  • Cards Over Coffee-a couple posts a week depending on content and time to post. Bigger mail day and special card posts.
  • Big Blue Cardboard-pretty obvious, my Giants card collection and mail days whenever I can fit them in.
I am hoping by not putting too much pressure on myself by doing daily posts on all three, I can juggle a healthy and fun balance. As someone put as a comment on my post about blogging and figuring out my direction, "why choose?" So I didn't.

*takes another sip before finishing up today's post....well...I am also going to finish making my breakfast*

It actually wasn't even the numbers that helped me decide what to do with blogging, it was the summer break of not doing a lot of posts that helped. I had time to think everything over, take in some input and lay it all out in my mind.

Not saying the numbers after didn't further cement what my plan was.

*takes a sip, Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Also breakfast is done and ready to roll, if you can't recognize it, it's a bagel sandwich with egg, sausage, cheese on an asiago bagel. Sooooooooooooo good.

Also, before closing, a big thanks to all of you who take time out to read my blog or blogs. I appreciate taking time out to read my gibberish.

*okay, now Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. That breakfast sandwich looks delicious... and glad to hear your blog numbers are up.

  2. Congrats! Also, where can I place an order for one of those sandwiches? ;)

    1. Everyone tells me I should open up a small restaurant....maybe combine it with cards....

  3. Nice hearing your readership is up. My blog has been getting a ton of views lately, but as most of them are from Sweden I don't feel very gratified.

    1. Since they switched to the new blogger I can't find the breakdown like that anymore. I keep looking for that and traffic sources. Maybe I am just blind.

  4. I'm not an expert on that matter by any stretch of the imagination, but one thing that I'm learning about running multiple blogs, is that for them to be successful they need to be different from each other. In other words, you need to give people a reason to read all of them. If they can see the similar things on all of them, then there's no need to read all of them, they can just read one and know what's going on with the rest. There are some really good articles online about this subject, and if you ever have the time, it might not be a bad idea to check a few of them out.

    1. Maybe I will, right now I think I have a good balance on them all with different content. However, despite the numbers, the days of wanting one blog still may come and it may not even be any of the current three.

  5. I could really go for a bagel sandwich.


Cards and coffee go together like PB&J, so don't you and leaving a comment below. Take a sip and let me know your thoughts!