Thursday, July 8, 2021

Coffee Time

*its early morning, I already just brewed my second cup of coffee and I am pumped about another new Cards Over Coffee post*

I am still a bit behind on showing off some amazing stuff on here and figured today would be a great day to catch up on one.

My buddy and Cards Over Coffee reader Oren hit me up recently with a pretty cool mail day and already has the next one out in the mail to me. It has been a lot of fun interacting via email with Oren and doing these trade exchanges. Even though this blog doesn't have the viewing content that Matt's Wonderful Blog Of Hobbies has, I am glad it is still making an impact and it brought me a new trading friend in the process.

By now, Oren has me pretty figured out in what I am looking for and has found stuff in his own collection along with picking up some stuff for me along the way as well for trading purposes.

Today's mail day had a main focus on the non sport portion of what I collect.

*takes a sip before showing off the mail day*

The first card I am showing off is a Sp Legendary cuts card of educator Booker T Washington.

Up next, Oren helped in my set chases for 2011 Topps American Pie. Most of these will be brought back again for the American Pie segment and further looked at.

Fads And Fashioned Mood Rings (my mood right now, coffee)

Hollywood Walk Of Fame Duke Ellington (I really want the Rodney Dangerfield version)

Rainbow Foil, my first one of these and it's a beaut.

A stack of base for my base set, will break these down more later on.

*takes another sip*

The next portion of my mail day involves some hits.
A Terminus Resident relic for my non sport PC. I really need to watch The Walking Dead.

This is pretty awesome. Frank Caliendo relic. If you don't know who Frank is, look him up on YouTube and some of his impressions. I crack up every time I see him do his Morgan Freeman or John Madden. He has many other great ones as well but those two are my favorites. He also starred on MADtv where I was introduced to him first.

I may not have ever seen it, but the actor who played Jimmy in the movie Bull Durham I have seen. William O'Leary, who has played in a handful of Movies and TV shows, was best known to me as Marty Taylor from Home Improvement. Marty was Tim Taylor's younger brother on the show.

And there you have it for now. I am sure the next mail day from Oren will arrive by the weekend and we will visit it while I am on vacation next week.

Thanks again Oren for this trade.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I thought I would close up today's post by showing off this cool sign I saw at Walmart recently. I was thinking it would fit perfectly on the kitchen table next to my laptop as I type up these posts. Maybe the next time I go if it is still there I will grab it.

Til then and until the next post, always remember it is coffee time and more so when you read this blog.

Maybe I should take that phrase and use it sort of like Home Improvement, I would just need Heidi to say, "Does anyone know what time it is?" Then you guys would need to respond "Coffee Time". That's when she goes on to say, "That's right, Green Mountain Dark Magic Decaf coffee is proud to present, Matt The Card Coffee Guy blogger!" The theme music comes on and I sit here to blog for you guys to read.

How does that sound? And please keep your eyes and mind off of Heidi while answering, unless she is the reason why you say yes.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. A. Heidi was hot.

    B. I had to look her up to see what she looks like these days... and discovered she was married to Steve Timmons... who used to be Karch Kiraly's volleyball partner back in the day. Timmons was also married to Jeannie Buss.

    C. Caliendo is hilarious.

    D. Didn't realize mood rings went as far back as the 70's. Always though they came around in the 80's.

    1. The mood ring thing was new to me as well

  2. I watched a good portion of Home Improvement during it's original run, and don't remember Tim's brother in the least?


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