Wednesday, July 21, 2021

You're The Inspiration

*coffee is ready to go, music is on and cards are ready to be shown off. It's time for some cards over coffee*

My passion for writing started out when I was wee little one. Sometimes I wonder if my mother ever found it funny I carried a pen and notepad on my way into the world.

Growing up, there weren't many times where someone didn't see me writing comics, short stories or even a few novel length stories. I loved it. My mind was always racing with new ideas and creativity, I sometimes didn't have enough time to translate it all to paper which is probably why I always carried a notebook to write them on.

So much so, every year for Christmas my parents would buy me a couple of notebooks and pencils so I could pursue my writing.

Fast forward to today, my mind has slowed some when it comes to writing anything outside of my blogging about sport cards. You no longer see me carrying around a notebook or have ideas flowing out of me. I am not sure if that's because I am older or if I set my goals of writing higher putting pressure on myself (I want to publish a book) or if it's because I don't read like I used to. Reading was another passion of mine and writing motivator.

*takes a sip, continues on with the post*

In my youth, when I wasn't holding that notebook,  I was holding a book. And nothing intrigued my attention more than horror/supernatural when it came to choosing a book. Well, the authors mattered as well from Stephen King to Bruce Coville (really need to locate the original My Teacher Is An Alien series) to my biggest inspiration in RL Stine.
Which is where Goosebumps came into play in my life.

The first Goosebumps came out in July of 1992 and kicked off the series with Welcome To Deadhouse. That book alone had me hooked on the series and I looked forward to every release. I had to make sure I checked the local bookstore and especially the Scholastic book fairs and book order forms for any new ones.
Some of the Goosebumps books and some characters I enjoyed more than others in the series. Bring on more Slappy and Monster Blood!

Which is why I needed every sequel for the ones I liked more and tried to chase down every book overall. Most of these are the originals I personally bought or were ones given to me as Christmas gifts. You can also tell by lots of wear and tear.

However, as an adult, I found myself reading less and less and now I can say I haven't picked up a book in ten years. I don't have a lot of free time and what free time I do have is spent on here, my card collection and playing Madden. I don't have time to read, not even on the toilet. That time is spent catching up on Twitter (as I picture all of my Twitter followers gagging now).

*takes another sip, tummy is rumbling  for a bagel so I will have to make one soon*

When I found out my biggest inspiration for writing was going to be included in my current hobby in 2020 Allen Ginter, I had to make sure I collected him. It was obvious wasn't it?

There was three forms of Allen and Ginter in 2020. Flagship, X and Chrome so there was quite a bit to chase. I even set up a SPREADSHEET of my chase.

This is my Allen and Ginter Chrome collection. I have everything except the /5 Red Refractor and the Super 1/1. Both of those cards had popped up on eBay and sold. I missed both of them and hopefully will see them re-listed some day.

Base series. Allen Ginter X base (missing 1/1 glossy), Allen Ginter base, Silver Portrait and the relic card.

Mini cards. Ginter X, base, gold, chrome, black. Missing quite a few and already missed out on the Superfractor mini of RL and the Red refractor /5.

And finally....the centerpiece....

RL Stine autograph. My favorite card of the group. There are plenty of other autographs to chase in the sets, but I am happy just to have one thanks to my trading buddy @90sNicheFBCard. Maybe some day I will look at adding some of the others.

Here is the collection all together. As I said, I am not done yet.

They go great with my collection of books and the two movies that came out starring Jack Black. I don't own the TV series on DVD yet, but enjoyed watching it as a kid. Maybe something to own next.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

It's been a joy chasing down these Stine cards and it has inspired me to go back and read a few Goosebumps hoping to bring back that writing passion I once had. I know I am a grown adult reading them (my wife would argue this), but sometimes a little youth can remind and motivate you of your past inspirations and dreams.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Have you ever read Goosebumps? Who is your favorite author? Who is your inspiration?


  1. Never read any of his books, but I've bought a ton of them over the years for my classroom library. When I first started teaching Goosebumps was super popular with my students, so I was happy to see him in last year's A&G.

    Favorite author? I enjoy a few... Lois Lowry, Louis Sachar, and Roald Dahl are my Top 3.

    As for my inspiration to write? I'd say fellow bloggers and people who comment on my blog. I started writing because of blogs like Night Owl Cards and Wax Heaven... and I continue to write because of the people who take time out of their busy schedule to read and comment on my posts.

    1. Blogger wise, you are one of my inspirations along with Night Owl

    2. Thanks. Appreciate the kind words.

  2. Never read Goosebumps, although my daughter has read a few. My favorite author, based on the number of books read/own, is probably Stephen King, but I also have to list Douglas Adams, Terry Prachett, C.S. Lewis, and Neil Gaiman as favs. Can't really pinpoint an inspiration for writing - always loved storytelling.

  3. Those are awesome cards! I had a ton of those books when I was a kid. I wish I had held onto them to give to my kids now.

    Not a huge reader, but my current favorite authors are Thomas Carey and Donald Schmitt. I've been on a Roswell/UFO/Area 51 kick lately and they have some interesting books about that stuff.

    1. Area 51 is always an interesting read and the theories around it

  4. That is a really great collection... and the cards aren't too shabby either :)

    As far as Bob Stine goes, I was ten when the Goosebumps series started up, and had already been reading his teen books for at least a year by then, so the Goosebumps kind of felt like little kid stuff to me at the time, and therefor weren't of much interest to me. Fast forward to now, and I still prefer his old teen books (at least the pre 2000 books, he really dumbed down his teen stuff after that), but do appreciate the Goosebumps books a lot more than I used to, and will pick up the originals when I find them cheap (I just got The Ghost Next Door for a cool 25¢ a couple of weeks ago).

    Oh, and more book reading, and less Twittering, will do you a world of good -- especially if you ever hope to publish that novel (unless of course the plot is centered around Twitter).

    1. Never thought about using Twitter as a plot around a book..interesting.

      AS for RL's other books, I did read some Fear STreet but at the age I was when they came out I wasn't into them then. Maybe it's something I should go back and try again.

  5. Impressive PC! I was a bit too old for the heyday of Goosebumps books, but I did read a few of his earlier G.I. Joe books as a kid. And I've got some Goosebumps cards in the glow-in-the-dark part of my collection.

    1. Thanks! I may have to locate some of those cards for this PC.


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