Monday, April 18, 2022

Following In The Footsteps

*turns on Pandora Elton John station, starts jamming to Goodbye Yellow Brick Road*

*gets cards ready, coffee prepped and laptop ready. it's time for a new Cards Over Coffee post!*

When you compare my father and myself, there are a lot of similar interests as I followed in his footsteps with a lot of the things I like.

We both are NY fans. NY Yankees, NY Knicks, NY  Rangers and NY Giants fans in an area dominated by Boston/New England teams. I think others always scratch their heads when they find out we were not even from New York and follow those teams here.

We both also collect sport cards, though most of his collecting now is more flipping than collecting. The new age of the hobby has done that to him but he still does collect some cards.

We even listen to the same kind of music. It was Eagles, Chicago, the local radio station and of course, Elton John.

I remember going to card shows and having him put on Elton's Too Low For Zero cassette tape and we would listen to it to the card show and back. When there was a new Elton song on the radio, we would turn that up. Music was just as important as sports to us.

As I sit here listening to Elton during today's post, it brings me back.

*takes a sip, switches the song to I'm Still Standing*

My obsession with non-sport cards and my love of music have really been crossing over this year as I have picked up many singer's autographs or cards just to have that nostalgia.

When I added this Elton John card, Elton's checklist of cardboard was short and just base cards.

Then came 2021 Leaf Pop Century which included a line of relic cards from the legendary singer.

I am fortunate to have great friends like Shane from Cheap Wax Wednesday fame who grabbed two of them for me for my collection. Each swatch had a different colored relic.
This relic is numbered to 80 and features a darker colored relic.

This one here is a white relic numbered to 12.

Back of the card.

I haven't seen any other colored relic releases yet, but would definitely be interested in others if I do.

These are the only cards in my Elton John PC so far. There are others out there I need to add at some point and on the top of that list is still an autograph need. I don't believe he has any certified autograph cards out there...yet. At this point I would love to add an authentic autograph CD cover or anything. I heard he did TTM awhile back so I attempted that once to get sent back a replica autographed picture so I must have missed the cutoff for when he was signing. Bummer.

Thanks again to Shane for snagging the relic cards above and trading them to me!! Appreciate you as always buddy, despite you not liking coffee and liking the Boston sport teams.

*takes another sip before finishing up today's post, switches song to Tiny Dancer*

Even though I have a lot in common with my father, there are still a lot of things we don't. He could do "manly" things that I can't such as doing oil changes for a car, fixing a muffler with a coat hanger, building stuff and other things like that. I also don't agree with some of his life choices but that along has made me a better man to learn from his mistakes.

But, for what we do have in common, I am glad I followed in those footsteps.

Have a great Monday.

Comment below your favorite Elton John song.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. My favorite Elton is early Elton, anything from his first 7 albums. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and Sacrifice are probably my favorite hits.

    1. Yes, he classics are the best. Though a couple of 90's songs I don't mind either

  2. I think my favorite is "Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters". Other contenders are "Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding", "Wrap Her Up", and the obscure but very good b-side "Rope Around A Fool".

    1. I like a few of his obscure songs like Too Low For Zero

  3. I've never been much of a fan. I think the only thing that he's been involved in that I like, was him backing up Neil Sedaka on "Bad Blood".

  4. "Saturday Nights Alright for Fighting"

  5. My pops and I have very little in common in regards to collecting and music, but we're alike in a lot of other ways (like personality and ethics). In a perfect world, he'd collect cards too, but that's just not his thing. Glad you and your father connect over cards though. As for Elton John... I have his greatest hits CD and enjoy his music. Tiny Dancer is probably my favorite song. It's the one I catch myself singing the most.

    1. Tiny Dancer is a great catchy tune.

      Your father is like my mother to me. We never quite connected like that besides through movies


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