Saturday, April 16, 2022

The Big Four

*it's late afternoon and I am on my fourth cup of coffee today. It is needed just like today's Cards Over Coffee post*

It has been a very long week. I found out that there could have been a possible positive Covid exposure in my household, that I needed two new tires for my car which was going to cost me a stocks in coffee, and a bunch of other smaller things popping up. I couldn't wait for the week to be over.

At least I am still alive and enjoying some cards and coffee on this rainy day. 

I have been sitting on some posts in my drafts for a while and figured it was time some of these posted. Sometimes on here it is hard to keep up with posts and sometimes things get buried within my drafts and I forget about not posting them.

But, I needed a good distraction from the week so it felt like a good time to get a post up.

*takes a sip before moving on with today's post*

Back in the 90's I was a huge Knicks fan. I was the Spike Lee of Knicks fans in my area. Of course my area is loaded with Celtics fans, but you get the point.

In my backyard, I would pretend to be that Knicks team and take on the league's best. I would set up 20 point quarters and be the starting lineups for both teams. When a team reached that 20 points, the quarter would end and I would write down the stats for each player for the quarter. It was a lot of fun to keep track of. 

I wouldn't always let the Knicks win either despite being the one playing the game. I always played fair games, and most were close. If either team was within three points after the other team reached 80 to end the game, they would get one last shot. It had to be a three point shot regardless of how many points they were behind. Sometimes they would tie or win the game and other times I would miss and they would lose. There were some games though where the outcome was completely one-sided so no team had that opportunity. 

There was an overall 20-game season, then three rounds of best of 7 playoff games. I would only play the playoff games up until the Knicks either won it all or got eliminated then a new season would begin. I must have played like this for ten years.

*takes another sip*

There were four players for my NY Knicks starting lineup I used for every game.
Allan Houston, my favorite Knicks player all-time, who had his superstar presence.

The three point dominance of John Starks

The ultimate rebounding abilities of Charles Oakley

NO AUTOGRAPH (wishing on star for one)
And then Patrick Ewing who did it all. I usually did a lot of spin shots with him after he got a rebound.

These core four carried this team to multiple championships for me....I just wished they could have actually churned out one in real life. I at least got a few "Gatorade" baths.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

In case you were curious and so I don't leave you hanging, my fifth starter was a plug-in guy whether that be Charlie Ward, Larry Johnson, Latrell Sprewell, or Chris Childs. 

As for the cards in today's post, I have multiple Houston autos, that one and only Starks, just traded for that Oakley and now need to fill in that Ewing autograph gap someday. I would really like to complete my Knicks lineup of autographs.

I hope you guys had a great week and hopefully mine goes better next week.

Have a great Saturday night.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. 4 cups of coffee? Oh man, I wouldn't be able to sleep if I had that pumping through my body. Good luck adding Ewing to your collection. He doesn't have a lot of pack pulled certified autographs compared to most guys.

    1. Yes, but my cups are all decaf. But, when I was allowed to do caffeine I would do 4 then as well.

      I know and because of new age hobby the prices for a Ewing are nuts

  2. Patrick Ewing is a real butt when it comes to signing things, which is bad for people like yourself, because with so few items out there in the market, demand always pushes the prices over what the cards should be selling for; and it was like that pre-boom too.

    1. Exactly. I am not sure that space will ever be filled with one unless I can find a trader

  3. Hope the Covid exposure turned out to be a false positive! And I hear ya on the tires. For me it was breaks...and not card breaks either.

    1. It was multiple positives on rapid tests but luckily didn't spread further than one person. Hope that just meant the vaccine was working as well


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