Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Coffee Break:2020-2021 Mosaic Basketball Blaster Box

*takes a seat with a basketball box in hand remembering just a year ago when no basketball could be found on shelves. takes a sip and gets ready for a new post on cards over coffee*

Yesterday, I mentioned how this was going to be a three-part break of Mosaic and that the next one I was going to do was a blaster box, well, here I am with that today.

Finding Mosaic football is almost impossible, but, finding the basketball version is pretty easy. Every time I go to Walmart there is at least some form of it there on the shelf. It's strange how the hobby continues to evolve. Last year you couldn't find a single pack of basketball and now that's all I can find. I am not sure if the last two rookie classes are garbage or if the popularity has slowed some or maybe the prices are driving people away, but something has changed it.

That doesn't bother me too much, I get to open basketball cards again. 

Speaking of which...

Every blaster box of 2020-2021 Mosaic basketball comes with 8 packs of 4 cards each. Each blaster comes with 4 Mosaic Prizms and other shiny finds. Each blaster runs $35 each.

Once again, I was hoping to find that hidden Genesis gem.

*takes a sip, begins to rip*

Here are the key cards in this break,

The rookies I pulled.

Bang! Damon Lillard. I love the photography of this insert, I bet the Mosaic parallels look amazing.

Holofame Tracy McGrady

Silver parallel of Sabonis

Silver Mosaic parallel of Sabonis

Silver Mosaic of Elevate insert

And three green parallels, Haliburton, Love and O'Neale.

Well, that wasn't the best break. So far, my luck with Mosaic basketball hasn't been good. Once again, I really do like the parallels and the Bang insert.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

Tomorrow will mark the third post in my Mosaic breaks with a football hanger pack. Let's hope this time I found a winner especially since the football version is so hard to find.

Thoughts on my break welcomed in comments.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out

PS: PLEASE remember if you find any of these cards Coffee Card Hall worthy, nominate them!


  1. My guess is the price increase. Almost double from a year ago! Certainly went against me trying the product. Thanks for showing off the cards!

    1. Absolutely and I agree. Though the football sells for the same and is gone within seconds.


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