Saturday, April 23, 2022

GIANT CUP: Adds From A RAK And Trade

*it's another dreary morning. sounds like the perfect day for another new Cards Over Coffee post*

Yesterday, I mentioned my huge sorting project with my NY Giants collection and how it grows on a daily/weekly basis, it's mail days like today's two that keeps it growing. 

I recently did a trade with @cardboardfan775 where I sent him some Chiefs cards for some Giants cards. Easy, simple trade. The kind of trades I like. He gets his team cards; I get mine and it works out well for both of us.

The first two cards I didn't have and the fact they were team colors to, worked out perfectly.
Red Press Proof of Azeez Ojulari
Blue Press Proof of Azeez Ojulari

Another Ojulari is the next card,
This time a Playoff rookie.

Next one is a 2021 Mosaic silver NFC subset card of Saquon Barkley. I can't get enough Mosaic parallels. You will find a few more in my next NY Giants post.

Next card from the trade was a Prestige 2021 rookie of Kadarius Toney. I see a lot of potential in this guy, just hope he can stay healthy to show it. It's a little disappointing he isn't showing up to voluntary camp especially when a new offense is being put into place with a new regime.

and the final card of the trade was this 2021 Gary Brightwell Donruss rookie. Brightwell didn't see the field too much last season having one rush and one reception and a neck injury as well. He may also have one of the saddest Wikipedia Personal Life stories I have ever read.

This wasn't the end of the mail day either.

*takes a sip before continuing on. also wonders if the curtains should be shut so the hideousness of the outside weather can be hidden*

Along with the trade we did above, a week later @cardboardfan775 sent me a PWE RAK of Gmen.

2021 Illusions rookie of Kadarius Toney

Then some 2021 Rookies and Stars cards. I don't see Rookies and Stars anymore now that it became a Target exclusive. I live in an area where no Targets exist, unless you want to drive hours away. I strongly dislike when companies do retail product exclusives.
Kadarius Toney rookie

Saquon Barkley base

And a Azeez Ojuari rookie.

Thanks goes out to @cardboardfan775 for the trade and for the RAK. He is a good dude who does easy trades. I suggest you go give him a trade.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I wished everyone did easy trades like this. There are so many out there that fight over every nickel and dime and only look for the star players of their team. I prefer to trade with true team collectors who support their team with any player on it. I take anything, any player NY Giants as long as I don't have it. That's my only stipulation.

Comments below on my mail day or retail product exclusives are welcomed.

Happy Saturday!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. I'm kind of out of the loop when it comes to retail exclusives. Unless I'm doing research on a specific card/set or read about it on another blog, retail exclusives fly under my radar.

    1. I always forget about it until I get a card from the set, then it makes me sad lol

  2. I find that retail exclusives hurt me more when I'm hunting funko pop figures. With cards it's usually that target and Wal-Mart [and once upon a time toys r us] did parallels that sometimes are nice but other times make you feel silly for chasing.

    1. Totally agree. I collect some funkos as well but my local areas never have Power Rangers or Ghostbuster ones I want.


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