Thursday, April 14, 2022

Coffee Break:2021 Mosaic Football Hanger Pack (GENESIS ACHIEVED!)

*takes a sip of coffee and is amazed to have posted now four days in a row. I never miss a day of coffee, but I don't always post consecutive on here. you guys should feel lucky. so let's get on with today's post*

It's been a rainy week, so I was glad to have some cards to focus on and blog about. I am just hoping that these rainy showers actually bring May flowers.

Today is the final part in my Mosaic break series and we end it with football. 2021 Mosaic football is near impossible to find unless you happen to time it right with the vendor's arrival. This product is so hot, that after my father grabbed me this pack because he happened to be there right after the vendor left, that rest of the shelf of blasters and hanger packs had sold out within in an hour of when my father left and came back to grab another pack. The woman who stands by the self-checkout by the card section told my father that a guy had come in and bought $1400 in cards within the last hour. That's crazy. I don't even spend a fourth of that a year in cards.

*takes a sip wondering if I should just keep this sealed and stare at it instead of opening it knowing how hot the product is*

*nope, it's going to be opened*

*another sip leading up to the pack opening*

Every hanger pack of 2021 Mosaic football comes with 12 cards in one pack and a bonus three card pink camo parallel pack. Each pack runs $30.

When you open it up, you get these two packs.

As always, I save the parallel pack for last.

I opened the main pack and there was something blueish hiding towards the end. Oh my....I may have hit a case hit Genesis finally! So just like the 90's, I peeked around all of the other cards first and set the Genesis one off to the side to reveal after I open the parallel pack.

*excited sip commence!!*

Here are the other key cards,

My rookies in the pack.

Silver Kyle Pitts NFL Debut. I keep pulling this guy.

Holofame insert of side PC guy Davis.

Pink Camo Parallel pack time!

*takes a sip, begins to rip*
Melvin Gordon III

Tom...oh wait. Kyle Trask who was going to be starter for about a month. I am sure he is Tom Brady's biggest fan.

Najee Harris NFL Debut. This is a solid pull.

Now that those are revealed, it's time to peel away this Myles Gaskins...

BOOM! Tyler Lockett!

Well, my Genesis wasn't anyone too big, but these look super cool and Lockett is a top notch wideout.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

That wasn't a bad break at all, by far superior over the basketball ones. The Pitts, Harris and Lockett were outstanding. Then you add a TD insert and it's a winner for me. Needed that sunshine on this rainy day.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday and your thoughts on my latest pack break is welcomed in comments.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

PS: PLEASE remember if you find any of these cards Coffee Card Hall worthy, nominate them!


  1. Colorful and shiny. I like them.

  2. Genesis cards are case hits, right? If so I shall nominate the Lockett for the Card Hall! Thanks for showing off the cards. $30 for 15 is way too much.

    1. Lockett will be added today to the Card Hall nominations! Thanks for adding one to it.


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