Friday, April 22, 2022

The Giant Sort

*takes a sip on this cold morning, brrr. guess no plans to go outside anytime soon so might as well tackle a new cards over coffee post*

Every time I feel like spring is coming near, winter comes back with its ugly face and drops either an inch of snow or completely freezes everything.
This was the ice patterns on my car this morning.

And the ice hardened to the windshield. This is the view from inside of the car.

As long as winter drags on, so won't my bigger card projects. 

I prefer to be outside, but, nothing wrong with sorting cards inside.

Just a couple of years ago, I did a huge sorting project where I separated all of my New York Yankee and New York Giants cards by player. I got so sick of trying to find things in those collections and keep the duplicates out, that it was becoming overwhelming. I was hoping that sort would be the last for those two collections, but as Maury would say, that has proven to be a lie.

Especially for my daily growing NY Giants collection.

I found myself getting lazy and creating new binders of the players I have already established in those original binders. All of a sudden, I have a mess of duplicates and two if not three sections of the same players. This was driving me nuts so it led me to my newest sort and possibly the biggest one I have done yet.

*takes a sip before moving on*

My Giants collection is roughly 6,000 cards spread across a ton of binders, so I knew once I dove into this project, it was going to take a while. The time it takes to pull out the cards alone from the binders is grueling but also fun at the same time looking back on cards I had forgotten about.

Here is my overall process in this project.

First, as I already said, I pull the cards from one binder at a time. I didn't want to do all of them at once as that would have been a disastrous mess and I don't have the space for that.

I take those cards and put them by their player stacks in this BCW card sorting tray. You can find one of these on BCW HERE.

Next, I have to cut index cards to fit the box then label each one on the front with the player's name.

On the back of the index card, I put how many cards I have of that player. This adds on as I find more that are not duplicates of each player. I plan to list each added number underneath each then add them up for a total when all is said and done.

These cards are then added to this BCW Super Monster Box and I move onto the next binder. You can find these boxes HERE.

What makes this more challenging, is after completing the next binder, having to go back through each of these rows to make sure I don't double up on a player. On top of that, if the player exists in there, I then check through all of the cards to make sure those are not doubles as well before updating the number on the back of the index card. I am hoping in the end, this will eliminate all of my duplicates and give me a number on how big my Giants collection really is while also keeping the players sorted.

I haven't decided yet if they will remain in the box or if I will move these into their binders afterwards and somehow label each binder telling me who is in there.

I have already spent a couple of months on this project and expect it to take a couple more especially since more Giants cards are coming in weekly it seems.

*takes a sip, then a gulp then decides I rambled on for too long so the coffee got cold*

*gets up, brews another cup, sits down to try to finish up this post*

Big projects like this can be fun, but also be very tiresome. I was having more fun in the beginning than I am right now in the middle of it.

Today in comments, let me know your thoughts on my project and if you are currently in the middle of any sorting.

Have a wonderful Friday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. I've got mixed emotions on sorting. There are times it's therapeutic. Other times it's stressful. But my OCD requires it to be done every now and then. I did a small sort yesterday morning cleaning off my desktop. But then I switched gears and started doing some spring cleaning around the house... another thing that can be therapeutic or stressful depending on the situation.

  2. I enjoyed sorting a lot more when my eyes were better and I could read the cards easier. Like Fuji said, it can be therapeutic. Not so much when I have to whip out the magnifier.

  3. When the pandemic started and I suddenly had a lot of free time that I normally wouldn't, I began a similar sorting project. I was frustrated that I didn't know if I had a card from a set, so I took out all my hockey cards and started to break then into piles by manufacturer, and then later by set. The problem two years later is what to do with sets I never finished. Those piles are still on a table. Do they go in a box? Do I put them in a binder as is? Or should I put them in a binder with spaces for missing cards? All I know is my table is a mess 😅

    1. I think sets belong in binders, or at least that is what I have been doing recently. Easier to enjoy them more that way

    2. I think sets belong in binders, or at least that is what I have been doing recently. Easier to enjoy them more that way

  4. I've been in the middle of a giant sorting process since starting my blog. It never ends and is both tiresome and tedious. But it also is greatly needed and long overdue. Like Fuji said it can be therapeutic but when I feel the burnout coming, I walk away.
    Those sorting trays look cool and I've seen them at my LCS, but just don't know if I'd ever get the use out of it. I'm too used to having piles of cards on a table.

    1. They come in handy for my sorts as long as I use those trays in sections. I don't do it if it's huge piles of cards

  5. I finished what will likely have been my last sort two years ago. I look forward to never having to do another one, as I don't find anything fun about them.

    1. It is not fun. Not at all. I just don't like dupes in my big collection


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