Tuesday, August 9, 2022

90's On The 9th:1998 Collectors Edge Masters Gold Redemption Matching Set

*sits down to post about today's cards. Let's go!*

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Welcome back to 90's On The 9th. A segment that comes back every month on the 9th day. 

Before reading on, I want you to put on your board shorts or plaid flannel skirt and sit down with your Orbitz and be ready for today's post in style.

*takes a sip*

Usually with these posts, I can research or already have information about a certain card or set I am discussing and post about it. Today's cards on the other hand, I have no idea on. But, I found them to be unique and maybe not something you see everyday. 

First off, I landed today's cards for $1 plus $1 shipping. That alone is worth posting about. Hall Of Fame running backs should not go for that price especially when they are numbered. This was a steal.

Two, both of these cards from this lot are NUMBERED to the same numbering. I can't recall any cards in my collection that have the same numbering at all. Especially being the same player and basically from the same card set.

Third, did I mention I got these for $1?

*takes a sip before showing off the cards*

The only information that the seller posted was that these were called 1998 Collector's Edge Masters Gold Redemptions and that he pulled them out of his complete set. The seller also posted a picture of the box set that featured the same numbering as the cards.

Which was 341/500.

And as we already know, the second card was numbered the same.

One can only assume there was some form of redemption cards involved for these. Maybe it was the first card and then the second card is the redemption. Who knows? Maybe one of you do. 

Either way, these will be tucked away for now for safe keeping.

If you have information on these, just comment below.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I hope others of you join in on the 90's On The 9th. Post on your blogs, social medias, wherever. Please use the hashtag #90son9th if you are posting on social media and if it's a blog post, remember to link me to it.

Thoughts as always welcomed on the cards I post.

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Have a great Tuesday...at least it's not Monday.

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  1. Even today a card numbered to 500 can still fetch something if it is a hall of famer, so getting two of them for a buck was a steal indeed! Thanks for sharing your new find

  2. I definitely wore flannels back in the 90's... but never paired it with board shorts. I usually wore jeans. And not sure what Orbitz are... but if I wore them, I don't remember them.

    Cool pair of Davis cards!


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